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  1. Hello my New York friends,

    I just got my boat back last weekend, after having it de-winterized, and a new Troll King throttle control system installed on my kicker motor, and new USB ports installed in my dash.  I just laid 2 new coats of paint onto the floor, and gave her a good washing last weekend, and am all ready to take her to Lake Michigan on Thursday, to try for the Browns, Lakers, and hopefully some Cohos.  Good luck on Lake Ontario, my friends!!  I have attached some pics.  Thanks.




  2. In case any of my New York friends are jonesing really bad for some open water Walleye fishing, the Mighty Mo river has been open for some time, and the walleyes are biting fast and furious.  I just got my boat back from the marina, after have a Troll King installed on my kicker motor.  I will be fishing one of my local walleye lakes tomorrow, for the shakedown trip and first of the year, and post how I do.  Oh yeah, we don't have a closed season on any fish out here, so you can catch walleyes year round.  Good luck out there. :yes:  :yes:

  3. Hey, thanks for all of the advice guys!!  I do have some of the little coho flies to throw on behind the dodgers, if the flatfish don't work, and I also have the little orange spin docs to try, too.  I don't even know if the area I will be fishing will have many cohos this time of year, but I thought it would be worth a try. Good luck on Lake Ontario this year, guys.  I hope the ice goes out soon for you guys!!  :yes:  :yes:

  4. New York stocks Browns in Erie and Ontario. 16 to 20 pounders are caught regularly, especially where the bottom and thermocline meet in the summer. In the spring on nearshore waters which warm early and November where they search for flowing stream waters. Sea run Browns come from the saltwater where survival is only for the largest and strongest like sea run steelhead, not like our Ontario rainbows.

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    Seeforellen are not necessarily "sea run browns".  The word See actually translates to lake, in German, and these are what they refer to as their lake trout. We might, however, be Americanizing the term to refer to sea run trout over here.  I saw some huge specimens mounted on the walls in some alpine Gasthouses(taverns) over there, that came out of Alpine lakes. Several over the 50 pound mark.   I even caught a couple smaller specimens in Alpine lakes and they were bright silver, and resembled Atlantic salmon more so than a big fat, football brown.

  5. I didn't really know the best section to ask these questions, but I figured this area would work.  As some of you know, I live in South Dakota, where the Walleye is king, and we don't have very many opportunities to fish for salmon and trout, like you guys in NY do.  One of our best cold water resources is the Oahe reservoir on the Missouri River.  It is a 231 mile long reservoir, that runs from Pierre all the way up to Bismarck, ND, and it has some nice deep and cold water.  The state already stocks Chinook salmon in the reservoir, to give us the chance to fish for Kings.  The areas I fish, from the face of the dam, to 20 miles upstream, have over 150' of water in the main channel, and there is an area of just over 200' of water near the dam itself.  It is mostly known as a Walleye lake, and also has some enormous Pike, and great smallmouth fishing.  The forage base consists of smelt, gizzard shad, and lake whitefish.  I just took part in a statewide vote to add Atlantic Salmon(Salmo Salar) to the mix on Lake Oahe, to add another cold water fishing opportunity for South Dakota anglers and visitors alike.  Apparently a ton of other people voted on these stockings as well, as the Game, Fish and Parks people here(same as your DEC) decided to go ahead with Atlantic Salmon stocking in Lake Oahe, starting in 2016.  I am pretty excited about this, because that will give us salmon addicts out here another species to target.  In my two years of working and fishing in NY, I only had the opportunity to catch one Atlantic Salmon out of the Oak, and was awed at it's fighting ability, and it's beautiful appearance.  It was a 30" male with a hooked jaw, and I released it back into Lake O.  I realize that you people of NY and all over the  North eastern and mid Atlantic states have stocked them into several lakes, and call them Land Locked Salmon.  My first question is how many years does it usually take for the stocked fish to become catchable sized, like as in 2-3 pounds or so.  Also, what is considered a nice sized keeper, what is considered large, and what is generally considered a trophy sized Land Locked Salmon.  Do they act more like kings, cohos, steelhead or brown trout in their feeding habits.  Thanks ahead of time for any answers and or corrections. :)  :)  :yes:  :yes:

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