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  1. If I might add my two cents, I agree with everything the Sk8man has said, and I would like to add to it.  Good elecronics is vital in finding ice crappies, i.e Vexilar, Marcum, etc., as they almost always suspend in the water column.  I have had my best luck with glow jigs in reds and oranges, tipped with small fathead minnows, under floats.  Waxworms work on an actively jigged rod, as well.  The electronics not only let you know where to set your float, but can also help by showing you what mood the fish are in.  When the fish marks move quickly up to your bait and hit fast, they are very aggressive, and so on.  Hope this helps.  Thanks. :yes:

  2. Hell, you boys in New York never have enough ice to even warrant a power auger of any kind. If I were you, I would just buy a hand auger. They are lightweight, and are just as fast as any power auger up to about 7" of ice. Besides that, you get a nice aerobic workout if you drill a few holes, too.

  3. I forgot this double header of an 11.5 pound salmon and a 28" walleye from a couple of weeks back. The walleye ate a whole herring rig of an 11" paddle down 100' on the rigger, over 187' deep. The salmon came on the same rig, down 90' over 155 fow. Had to keep the walleye, as its eyes were bulged out of its head! Second photo shows rig both fish were caught on. Thanks



  4. Took a couple of guys I am working with out here in Onida, SD to the river, for salmon and caught both of them their very first King salmon ever. Enrique got two on Saturday @ 15 and 8.5 pounds. Pro Rodeo Hall of famer, Tom Reeves caught his 11.5 pounder on Sunday. Both guys are now big time salmon fans!!



  5. I am totally with the "you were not there, you get no prize money crowd", regardless of your agreement.  You didn't help with any of the work that goes on in the boat that day, so why should you share in any of the winnings?  Pretty cut and dry in my book.  You have to be present to win!!  I guess you learned a valuable lesson, and maybe you will be there next time. 

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