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  1. I wasn't implying they did, I was simply saying that record fish, especially Walleye will benefit from carrying around a baby bump...  This fish was an absolute pig though, but without a scale its weight remains an unsolved mystery...  someone on here will have to catch it again for themselves!


    Zack, did you call it a "she" for a specific reason?  is there a way to tell?  The pictures turned out a little disappointing in detail - the fish had a slightly "humped" back like you might see on a spawning male Brown...  you can kind of see it if you look close on the first picture.

    The reason Zack knows it is a female walleye is that males do not get anywhere near the 30" mark, usually.  I have found in my walleye fishing, that males very rarely get larger than 6 pounds.  Beautiful fish, by the way.  36" walleye is to a walleye fisherman, what a hole in one is like for an avid golfer!!  Once in a lifetime, man!! :) :)

  2. Hello my NY friends.  I have been taking some different friends to my favorite local walleye hot spot, which is a necked down channel attaching the main lake to a large, shallow slough where the walleyes feed in the evening.  This spot is a late afternoon/evening spot only, but really rocks in the evening for pitching 1/8 ounce jigs.  The channel where we fish is only about 3.9-5.5 feet deep, and I do best casting and working 1/8 ounce jigheads tipped with leeches.  Casting Rapala husky jerks here produces some nice fish, as well.  We release some nice, big girls every night here, as welll.  Enjoy the pics. :)  :)  :yes:  :yes:





  3. I know when I was targeting them out of the Oak and Wilson harbors, they really seemed to prefer silver over gold cowbells.  Caught about 10/1 on silver over gold.  Also, if you want to try something other than peanuts, behind the cowbells(not that you will need to)  You can also try running spin & glows, and salmon flies.  I had equal luck with all of them.  I have to agree with Missdemeanor on Lake Ontario lakers, though, they really are that easy.  I usually started targeting them in about 55' in the early morning, right on the bottom, and followed them right out to about 100' fow midday.  You can't miss them on the depth finder.  Drop your balls right on their heads, and the action will commence almost immediately!!  :yes:  :yes:  :)

  4. Jeff Frisby, near Batavia, does awesome work, and will not break your bank, either.  Be right back with his taxidermy studio name. :)  Okay, it is Wild Encounters Taxidermy.  Look him up on Facebook.  I had him mount a 30 pound salmon for me, but I saw an awesome walleye he was just finishing up when I picked up my fish.  Good luck, those are some nice marble eyes!! :yes:  :yes:  :yes:

  5. You don't need a rod with metal guides. That one will work. Heat it up until the cement melts. She'll come off.

    I have done this with 2 of them and it works well!  Bazooka Joe is right, you just didn't heat it enough.  Get it hot enough where the glue starts on fire, and then just pull with a long nose pliers, and you will be all set.

  6. Think about it this way. The fish is attacking an 8 inch piece of plastic with a fly attached to it 22 inches behind with 40 or 50 lb. There is no need for a lighter leader to the flasher

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    Exactly, this is not a stealth presentation, it is loud, flashy and bright, and especially with 11" flashers, so yes, the lighter leader is just adding a weak link to your presentation.  Go directly to your mainline. Good luck. :yes:  :yes:

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