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  1. What is the best and most effective way to run side planers for browns? Three rods per side.


    Would like to run mono and potentially a 1-2 color leadcore. Is this possible or should I just stick with all mono?


    How far back for each rod?


    Should I run a couple split shot on the inside two rods?


    Rod placement in holders?


    Thanks in advance. I have an idea in my head just want to have a concrete game plan before I hit the water.

  2. Right on the front of the bow before it starts to curve upward. It is actually parallel with the ground when out of the water. I could be wrong but I think it would be more of a concern if it was farther forward as it starts to come up.

  3. I have an 89 Penn Yan Contender with a fiberglass hull. I have a hole on the bottom of the bow that needs to be fixed. Is there any special kit you can buy to repair this? A marine repair kit or will a bondo type car kit suffice? Thanks.

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