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  1. Most are using 30lb wire, but braid is ok for depths up to 50 or 60 ft, when the fish go deeper you will need wire, the fleas that time of year stop braid dead in its tracks. You can use 12 lb, but I would recommend using at least 20 lb until July when the fleas come.

     Yea like HOK said, I personally would run a little bigger so you dont lose some gear and fish as well.

  2. I would say 12lb is sufficient in the spring for browns. Really you should go bigger when you start fishing for kings. From what I hear with the braided wire, the fleas stic to it pretty bad in the summer. Jusy from reading on here most guys run 20-30ld main lines for salmon. I run 30lb big game, seems to work pretty good for me.

  3. I have two questions I was wondering about. The first is what kind of line do you guys run between your dipsy and flasher? I have been running 30lb big game and wasnt sure if the stretch of the mono would effect the way the spin soctor swims. The second question is what is the length of your leader from the dipsey to the flasher. I have ran 4 to 6 feet in the past and made out alright. Just wondering if there are any setup or tackle changes I can make to better my presentation.

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