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  1. I fished the pro am with my 8year old, 4 year old and my fifteen year old nephew.  We struggled but it was great.  My two little ones wanted to stay out each day until we caught fish.  That’s more important at this point in their lives than winning.  My nephew started that young  and now he’s doing fish taxidermy and owns his own boat.  

    The event is a Great one with great people.    

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  2. 1 hour ago, Gator said:

    So, you know that the low price of oil is intended by Saudi Arabia to drive private companies..such as American shale companies...out of business? It is economic jihad. No political statement is intended here, but Trump has little to do with it. We will benefit in the short-term and suffer greatly long-term.


    As for COVID-19, we were not proactive enough as a society. If things get as bad as I anticipate, it could be difficult to focus on hunting and fishing. We are in uncharted waters now.

    The saudis and Russians are in a battle over production.  US is a big player now as opposed to even ten years ago.  It’s not economic Jihad, it’s the market correcting itself. Trump has very little to do with it but it’s not going to affect the US long-term as long as we can produce, oil. It’s just a fact.


    ten years ago H1N1 was much more severe.  There was no panic. Leads me to believe a bit of this is political. Just my opinion. I have two very close friends who are ER doctors and a good friend who is a cardiologist.  All three agree that this is all hysteria. These are medical doctors.  Being proactive certainly helps.  It’s certainly one thing if you are  elderly or have a weak immune system. But That applies to at all times.  

    As for me, prices for air travel has fallen so I’ll take asvantage of it as I come up from Florida to fish in New York about 13 times a year. Maybe I’ll make it 20 this year!

  3. I would highly recommend Sodus point.  Myself, My wife, and my three kids come

    up from Florida about 10 times per year.   I have a boat up there and spend as much time doing family stuff outside of fishing as I do fish.  The restaurants are great and good people around.  There are homes to rent and you can walk to almost everything.

  4. I’m an attorney and Although I’m not licensed in New York all I do is insurance related to Law. If anyone has questions as to coverages and what it all means feel fee to message me.  I’ll be more than happy to assist or answer questions.  

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  5. That’s what I thought.  I’d stick with a split shot or two 15feet ahead of the spoon.  Ones you get out past 15-20 feet you can go to sections of lead core.  Problem with leadcore shallower than that, unless you’re doing one color, is it will snag on inside turns.  

  6. I started taking my five year old out two years ago.  Now he’s seven and my three year old loves it as well.  I used to charter and was away from it for ten years.  When I chartered my young son at the time loved it and now he’s 18.  He still fishes all the time. It’s great when the kids get into it and want to go with you. It is an amazing experience to fish with your kids. 

  7. When I first saw this I assumed the author was referring to flatlines spoons for brown trout when using spoons in lieu of stick baits.  I prefer on in water less than ten feet and two for water between ten and twenty feet.  If you really want to get deeper than that I’d consider using leadcore or cooper.  Real chaos can you clarify what you were referring to?

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