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  1. Fished there this morning from sunup til around 10 mostly near Black North and a little off the dock at state launch. Wind was tough near the point. Only caught 2.

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  2. Anyone have any info on Long and Cranberry ice? I’m assuming it’s all open water but wanna be sure. Thanks in advance.

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  3. I have the Xi5 80 lb. thrust and love it. It has been very reliable and adaptable to all bodies of water I've fished. Very well constructed and durable. The GPS is spot on. I love being able to program drifts and specific waypoints as well. It's also great on batteries. I've never had an issue with battery life. Remote and wireless foot control are great. Awesome fit for my needs.

  4. Any word from the ponds lately?  I'm wondering if this recent cold snap has delayed the spawn a bit due to the water temps not reaching the ideal level (45-50).  Has anyone been there recently and had any luck?  Of the fish caught (especially females) were they still pre-spawn?  Any info would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance to all.  

  5. Today's Easter Egg Hunt...

    Looks like those females are still full of eggs. Slimy can you confirm? There might still be a bit of the run left.
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