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  1. That is very much like what I want. My Tohatsu doesn’t have a steering tube and they solve that problem. The price is reasonable and it is flexible setup leaving room for improvisation
    thank you .
    Welcome, let me know how it works if you buy it, the video shows it moving quickly which I kinda like. The wireless is a a bit more I believe..

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  2. we did not end up finding that buck. We tried to get out before the rain. We started at 4am. Which gave him 9hrs. After a bit of looking we found the arrow which didnt look great looked like maybe 8-10 inches of penetration but had good blood right after for roughly.100yds we found a bed and then another bed and then we jumped him.. And the rain was just starting as we jumped him and looked briefly where he went (it was super thick head high weeds) couldnt find much past like 10yds or so. We think he circled around us and went into the one bottom. So we backed out called a dog. about 2.5-3 hrs later went back in with dog. Dog found the original trail and bed pretty easy. And where he initially ran and then it also became lost where we lost it. We tried a few re starts. Got on one promising lead that we believe was the deer it was about where we thought the deer circled around us. We followed some running tracks for a good ways and not a single drop of blood or anything. Meanwhile it was raining and raining and raining.. We did a little grid searching and let the dog take some tracks around the woods. And never could come up with anything so after another 5hrs we decided to call it completely drenched from the high weeds and hours of rain.
    Conclusion, we think maybe one lung hit. It was guartering away. So maybe hit a smidge forward and didnt hit enough to kill it right away. Hopefully he made it and shows up on camera again soon.

    Meanwhile on my land couple small buck sightings. Set up cousin to be able to shoot that 9 point and he has not shown up since Friday. I saw a Few does and fawns. But no bigger bucks showing themselves! even Cameras are quiet! Got a cool little buck fight on a cam with a 10 point and 6 point. i set trying to get a pic of the big buck we got the shed from. But he also has not shown up on any cameras yet!

    Going to hunt a couple other properties next few days see what I find!

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    Glad you got a dog Joe. Sorry we couldn't make it. Sounds like he will survive. Sounds like the guy went above and beyond to try and find him, kudos to both of you!

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