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  1. Been off LOU for a bit, sorry guys..
    Here's my report.. I've been tying my own flies this year and it's been so much fun. I run Ryan Koepke custom paddles (ITO) with my flies. Custom spoons from a few guys, but one this week from a close friend was on fire. Orange was hot! Here's a few photos from the weekend. The key was finding the big girls which is never easy.
    The bow was 7-12 and our biggest laker was 12-14 our smallest laker was just under 9lbs.
    The tourney is always a blast to fish and seeing a lot of younger anglers made my day, especially a kid I met named Chance.. we shared a few secrets on how we fished and I hope he learned that the most important part was that the more we try to help others succeed the more we both succeed! Tight lines guys!20210807_122008.jpg20210807_094635.jpg20210624_123216.jpg20210624_121858.jpg20210807_151334.jpg

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  2. Thx , Les
    The real story goes, we got to camp late after I got home from work at 2:30am. Launched at 1pm. Fished for maybe 1/2 hr. Marked a few good ones in 80' fow down 65'. Set the rigger at that n turned around. Boom. Huge thx to Brian Gambel for the rigs! Even more to Warrior lures for the custom Melissa's Muffin that caught this stud.
    We revived the fish in live well and he struggled a bit but seemed to make it.

    Nice going John.

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  3. Looking for some tubes for my trolling flies. If anyone has them or a link to where I can get some
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    Got mine from Gander took a bit to get,
    Search "Tube file Dreamweaver "


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  4. I love the side imaging for early season (like now) on Cayuga. It shows bait and fish along the sides because I run nothing straight below this time of year. I have a Humminbird Helix 12 SI G2N.

    Found this gem the other day when I was out. Saw something on my general sonar, but the detail on the side imaging is incredible. I assume it’s a sewer pipe, but I could be wrong.

    Cornell lake source cooling.

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