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  1. Thx, we are a free service if I'm available I'll try to help. Just love working with the dog. Little background on him he's the Texas state dog and a mix of and English blue collie, grey hound and coyote. They use them to run hogs, coyote, and track deer. They also have great herding instincts. Check him out on FB
    Deer tracking dog :Zeddy Wild

    That’s awesome!

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  2. Have not had time to post about Bear's derby a few weeks ago. We got a fair number of fish but none the size we needed.. It was fun to play in the waves. Of interest to me was the fact that one of the fish I kept to eat had 4 smelt and a goby in its gut. Anyone else see the smelt returning?     Wes 
    That's cool, nice to see a variety of bait in any lake. Was the fish you caught shallow?

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  3. I have been a land owner for 18 years. The first year I went around and talked to neighbors and to whom ever was on the property. I approached them in a professional way saying that the property they had permission on was now off limits because of our new ownership and for safety sake I couldn't let them hunt there. I've never posted the lines with the ugly yellow signs. Since then I've only had one trespasser.
    I believe that we as hunters should be on the same page, whatever you can do to be a better neighbor do it. Whatever you can do to make hunters look good to non hunters, do it.
    NY taxes suck. I understand why the guy posted his signs.The way he handled it without giving any respect to other hunters maybe wasn't the best solution, well I hope he dosen't have to track a deer onto his neighbors.

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  4. What percentage coyote is he? Interesting mix. Probably helps tracking deer.
    I don't know the % of coyote if any or if it was (grey wolf) theory... The breed isn't recognized by any organization but here is a copied piece from Wikipedia. It would be interesting to do a DNA analysis but I can tell you this dog is way more intense than any I have had before. He cones very fast and in large semi circles. Which I'll take away from him with a leash. It'll be interesting reading him.. can't wait to do a real blood trail.. Screenshot_20200912-091545_Google.jpeg

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  5. Breed is a blue lacy from Texas, this is my second blood tracking dog, he's a pup but he shows incredible potential.
    He is a special breed that tracks, bays, and herds. English collie, grey hound, coyote mix. They usually run em with gps and they will bay up a wounded deer, hog, yote, whatever. I'll be running him with a leash.. He's fast and has a great nose.
    His name is Zed, "if ya think it's dead call Zed"

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  6. Wait silvers making a comeback AND lots of young walleye around!  Hmm haven't we been told over and over the walleye don't reproduce AND the comeback of the silver is because there are no walleye?   Anyone still really believe the "walleye reproduction studies"  I'm not at all against the beautiful silver and hope they continue to manage the lake as a trout lake.   The walleye will be there no matter how it's managed.... just be nice if everyone had the facts.  Nice to see everyone having such a good time with both trout and walleye!  Nice fish John!   
    The bait is as thick as I've ever seen it on Owasco, crazy but those eyes we caught were in 165 fow. There is lots of room for more predators on that lake and Seneca.. Glad not to see any lamprey, where as Seneca is filthy with them. Balance is key, each will cycle though..
    I'm gonna make a point to hit Otisco this year for eyes..
    Justin I have a new dog for tracking down deer. He's looking good for the upcoming season...

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