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  1. I'll see who's enforcing such BS.
    I'll check with local authorities, if they are chaining off entry, (which would be a big hazard if emergency services were needed for a water rescue. ) that would be their only way of enforcement.
    The launches without an attendant should be open.. can't get much farther from people then out on a lake.

    The only way we can challenge this is to check its legality. It's America folks. Walmart n Lowes are open. Telling me I can't catch fish for my family n friends. I'll be the first to take this ticket to a judge.

    I think you're on to something..... I see this about the launches where there is an attendant to take $$.... not the launches where there are no attendants. 

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  2. Water level was super low on n the south end, we couldn't launch at Treman the inlet is as low as I've ever seen it. Dropped boat in and it was in muck not water..
    Tried Myers no go got stuck in marina.
    Went to Seneca south end water level was normal. Caught two small bows with three young lamprey, not good for the lamprey outlook..

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  3. Nice find on that matching set. Hardwoods have been producing for us. Finally matched up the 10pt I found 2 weeks ago. Found his other side laying in a blowdown in hardwoods. Squirrels were relentless on it. IMG_6287.thumb.JPG.919e7eacacc667ed5b224f81a8fb7c95.JPGIMG_6290.thumb.JPG.50886eac23fc5e4d7e3b044f21467491.JPGshould gross 140”

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    Dam those rodents! Great find
    Oaks! Where they are! Here's a spot on state land. Like someone dumped a bucket20200302_104126.jpeg

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  4. For me it's great to get outside see new land and meet a lot of really great guys n gals that share the same goal.. to find a wounded deer. I'd say we tracked between 15-30 deer a year. Overall I have to say that people are great blood trackers and the deer are incredibly tough animals! Doing everything we can to ensure the animal doesn't go to waste makes us better sportsmen. If there's one goal I'd like to accomplish it would be to leave our sport with a better image to the general public.

    What a world we live in. If I'd have asked someone to "like and share" me thirty years ago, I'd probably have ended up in jail. At the very least, my hunting and fishing buddies would have been reluctant to go alone with me into the woods...
    Good luck with your new dog. My friend Paul runs a blood tracker, and he's gotten more and more into it as the years go by. He's met some great people tracking deer. Some real dumba$$es, too.

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  5. Hey guys a few of you knew I had a blood tracking dog. She passed last year at 15yo. I researched dog breeds for a replacement and came up with a Blue Lacy outta Texas. Hes an all purpose dog that hunts coyote, pigs and tracks down deer, they also herd. I got a Male that is blowing me away with his skills at 8 weeks old. If y'all want to keep up with his progress and training follow us on FB at Deer Tracking Dog Zeddywild. Like n share us if ya want. Excited to say the least!20200112_180545.jpeg

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