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  1. Last day filling tags! Daily double. Last day hunting this property ( sold). First doe came thru, boom she runs by me n falls. The rest mill around wondering where the shot came from. Fumbling with my quick reload I am watching the doe and somehow get the bullet in the sabot backwards. It's partially in the barrel so figure what the heck, can't get it out so.. Boom second one down. After a slow gun season great to get my parents a deer for xmas!



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  2. My dog n I tracked for 12 years, (she passed this year) I am looking for a new dog and the blue lacy is on the list! Rage tracks ended up mostly not found, aka still alive. If shot thru the guts they die but give them 12 hours. Really sharp n the best penetration you can have that is the key to lethal shots.. not a huge entry hole, two holes to drian the swamp!! Lol

    I am in deer camp in Kansas. The home owner is also a deer search dog owner. While here for 2.5 days, there have been about 15 search requests. ALL of them have been hunters using Rage broadheads. I have gone on two searches at night with him and have given up on both due to lack of sign. The dog is a blue lacy that has coyote bred in. Beautiful dog that looks like a mutt Weimaraner. 

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  3. Correct on fixed blade! Muzzy three blade 100 grain. Fly great with a well tuned bow. Great penetration. Anything you pick make sure it's factory razor sharp.
    Four problems with rage or mechanical.
    1. Poor penetration usually only one hole, no exit.. High angle shots, blood must run down side of animal making a poor blood trail. Front shoulder shots are rarely fatal.
    2. Blade opening problems. In flight and on animal.
    3. Deflection off the animal on high angle shots, most of us hunt from a tree stand...
    4. Once in the animal it stops cutting if the arrow is bumped by a tree or the front shoulder is moving unlike a fixed.

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  4. Awesome!

    Love the big fall Toms! Congrats

    Got the day off work and decided with the wind the turkeys will be sitting in the oak bowl staying out of the wind. What do u know, i walked up the hill looked down and 60 yards out he stood. Took the shot had he folded up. Then 20 yards away the whole flock flys up . I probably would have had a closer shot if I just walked up a couple more feet. Resized952019110195092349.thumb.jpeg.8be689dfc511852df56e84b55da8b977.jpeg


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  5. Honestly I believe that a few doe came into estrus this past few days. The big boys have them locked up. Late morning hunting should be good from now till gun, if you have a low impact stand spot on the down wind side of a doe bedding area, or a travel funnel and have time, lol. I'd be out! Can't wait to see more bucks down!

    I was just looking at the forecast for the next week or so and thought the same thing.  I'm staying out of the woods for the next few days because of the weather, but I'll be out Friday morning and hopefully most of the weekend.

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  6. I'm 50 in decent shape I have been preparing stand spots for a climber for years. In and out with very minimal impact. Key is to have your spots cleared well before season. I put the climber n backpack on my back and if I'm way back in and get a doe I pack her out. Climb ash, maple, white pine red or tamarack. Small saw will get you up any tree that's straight. Risky leaving stands where public can get to em. Love my olman treestand

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  7. Caught multiple large small mouth in the NE corner during or FLTA event last Sunday. 

    They are suspended on bait out there 40-50'.  Hot lure for them was a jointed shad rap in perch.  Our largest was 20" many 3 to 4 lbers in there.

    We were trolling.. 

    Water temp was 70.

  8. 3 hours ago, hawkeye625 said:

    Very nice buck!  Tough to gauge off night pics but I'd give it 140-150ish and 6 yr old?

    I'd say you're right on the score and I believe he's 5 1/2. I have a photo of him two years ago as a 3 1/2. Now some may say he might be only 2 1/2 but up there they grow a lot less bone then our ag bucks.

    Where he was last year I have no idea, at least he stayed away from my cameras.


  9. Three years of no hunting on my property has finally produced a few nice age class bucks. I'm lucky because of a generous friend who moved to Montana and he has let me take care of his property for him ( hunt it).. making it easy to leave mine alone. 

    15 years of improving it's carrying capacity and leaving a sanctuary area has paid off. I'm sure I know his age, any guesses, and what y'all think he'll gross? 

    BTW this is not an agricultural area, no alfalfa fields or corn within three miles. 

    Two properties away is a large tract of state land. I do fear he could get killed in the oaks there, but if someone does get him there great for the guy or girl that does! 


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