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  1. Went 18 for ? lost count of how many small drop offs.  First hour was slow not much hitting stick baits.  Alpha alewife from fingerlakestackle.com was killer today catching about 5 to one more than any other lure.  Thanks to Billy V on the previous post caught a nice eater size laker with FF on dipsy 275' back north toward drop off.  Kept one nice 23" LL picture attached.  New boat for me (17' Tracker Targa 60hp four stroke) still working out kinks.  need more rod holders.... Thanks to all the guys out there everyone was aware of their lines kudos to all.   Speed was 1.9-2.2 but a few speed bursts seemed to trigger fish. 


  2. Free to public Saturday January 26th 10am to 5pm

    Outdoors show at SVE high school Darrts Cross Rd. Spencer NY 14883

    Lucky the Largest NYS Buck ever!

    Cornell Raptors

    Buck measuring Merritt Compton

    Lesh Fly Fishing Rods

    NWTF reps

    Bow Jen archery

    Silent Auction

    Cornell Earn a Buck porgram!


    Licensed Tracking Dog

    Many other outdoor folks enthusiasts.

    Come support the high schools kids club Free Admission!

    Thanks for lookin!

  3. DSCN0929.jpg

    Early Sun Am got into this boys bedding area not yards from where I found one of his sheds this spring. He bedded about 80 yards from me and proceded to take about a half hour nap ( the boys have been running hard at night looking for that first hot doe, midday movement should be excellent this week). After watching him for over two hours I decided to try to call to him one problem though I had no calls on me. Gave him my best "lost my mom fawn bawl" with little reaction... Tried again about 5 min later he just looked my way. Decided to give him my best low tending grunt and he got up and b lined it to my tree stiff legged and looking for a fight. The muzzy did its job and he took a bit longer nap.

    Good luck to all LOU members!

    Also if any of you need help tracking a deer I have a licensed leashed tracking dog.

    Look out fish here I come!

    Catch and release.... into the grease!


  4. Just an FYI we provide a tracking service for wounded deer, we are licensed thru the NYS DEC. My name is John and my phone is 607-738-7860 store it for future reference. I will travel up to 50 miles or so from Spencer NY (tioga county) Good luck guys hope ya don't need us.

  5. Nice job! Same kind of bite for us today on cayuga LOU lost two good fish that may have put us in it.. 24lb 6oz.. two decent LL and some nice lakers nothing huge biggest was 7lb 13oz. But all respectable FF on dipsy killing the early bite Caramel Dolphin green bug eye fly. Looking forward to 21st!! JW

  6. Fished out of Watkins today. Did the solo thing. Went north 5-6 miles North fished the west shore 75-90 fow 240 dipsy fired with flasher fly combo (secret colors) didn't set my drag light enough he broke me off :@ lost my fav. flasher fly, hills and valleys here I come! Lost one more nice fish fighting NE wind in small boat WOW... Decided to go East shore (much calmer) fished back south picked up 2 small salmon on small flutter spoon. Trolled back north NADA... back to west shore pulled one more dink.... Almost gave up when nice 26" salmon slammed the right rigger down 70' killer lure that you may hear about after Seneca Shootout.... Should have been runnning em all day... Had an audience watching me fight boat, wind, and fish, he went aireal on me and the folks watching cheered! Well mission accomplished best eating fish around. Anyone want to help me out with some Seneca knowledge let me know your secrets since there are not many are entered into Seneca Shootout would love to hear from ya or sign up my money is gonna be yours ;( . I need help this lake is tough. running different everything. JW

  7. Launched at 3pm lake was loaded with boats... went west side by american flag and marked lots of bait and fish in 50-75 fow picked up a decent salmon on a black and purple custom spoon (small) lost him at boat :( Trolled back through area and caught a sub 7" salmon really?Plus another dink salmon. Both on green flat fish. Then we crossed lake and trolled toward the south ended up picking up a nice brown 20" on a blue stinger 50' down in 80 fow. This lake is tough marked so many nice fish they looked active on bait if we were in Cayuga we surely would have limited. Can someone enlighten me on what the difference is??? Boat traffic was terrible and the weeds were even worse. Glad I am not trying to guide out there....

  8. Size F-7 small with one treble. Although the salmon came on the next size up 5 (two trebles). Check your speed with these gotta go slow and run the ball right on bottom. Oh and 20-30' behind ball. Not my credit got the info from old posts....

  9. Launched at Taughannock and went to East shore to 50 fow, Started fishing at 6pm. Trolled north (until we hit weeds then turned back south)w/flatfish on down riggers (bottom) and dipsys 200 ft back with small spoons. Troll speed 2.0-2.2 Boated 8 lakers mostly 15-20" three small salmon also. Had a 40' jet diver with a silver and green flat fish back 180' go screaming. Nice 7lb LL. Ended up keeping a couple lakers and the salmon. Thanks for all the advise I have been reading. I am new to this forum you guys really know your stuff. Overall 14 for 17 and my best evening of fishing trolling. Thanks again for all the reads.


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