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  1. Fishing alone again, the norm.

    Hit the launch about 7:00 am and headed out NE to 80'

    Started setting up about 7:30 am.

    Set rigger at 60' with large water melon spoon on bottom and a medium Moonshine on cheater.

    Set out 5 core with silver and black spoon, not sure of make.

    Set out wire at 75' with Mtn. Dew and matching fly.

    No sooner had all out and the core takes a hit, small King 6-7#.

    Reset core and pulled in rigger and changed  to Carbon 14 on bottom. Set rigger at 45'

    Rigger takes a hit, 14# King.

    While trying to reset rigger, wire takes a hit, Laker about 10# .

    Just finished landing the Laker, resetting the wire and rigger takes another hit. This guy runs all over the place and finally wound himself around the wire. What a mess but I got lucky and got him in the boat. 19# King.

    After unsnarling the mess, I lost about 150-200' of wire and about 50' of rigger line.

    By the time I got the mess cleaned up, new leaders made up,etc. and got both back in the water, I lost almost an hour and was a couple of miles NE of the zone I wanted.

    This where the "until!!!" comes in, I haver had another hit, it shut right down at least for me.

    Started to pull up around 11:00 and head in.


  2. Take along some crabs and crawlers and try the steep drop offs first. For starters try the drop off just outside of the end of channel marker buoys, in front of NYC, the drop off around the point on East side just South of the bridge, if bright sun try under the bridge in the shade and the sunk island off of the condos on West side South of the bridge.

    Good Luck

  3. Went out of I-Bay yesterday AM with my son. His first trip on Lake O and my first time not flying solo.

    Fished 80 to 140 feet. NE breeze. 5 lines out; rigger w/glo frog, wire on each side w/ SD & fly, 3 core port  & 5 core starboard.

    No hits on cores, one hit on rigger. So many hits on wire that we lost count.

    All hits were when trolling towards North and all hits, except one on rigger, where on Mtn. Dew SD and matching fly at 70 & 85 feet over 100-120 feet. Tried (3) other SD & fly combos but nothing.

    Ended up with Mtn. Dew on both wires.

    Lost 3 or 4 fish and boated about a dozen, lost count.

    Would have liked to get my son into at least one King but didn't happen. Maybe next year when he comes for the 4th again.

  4. Fished lone again, NE out of I-Bay

    First line in (wire w/ Mtn Dew SD and matching Fly) about 8:00 am in 80'

    Second line Rigger at 75' with Michigan Stinger in Wonder Frog and cheater with MS Stingray Glo Melon

    Third line 5 Core pulling a NON diving Reef Runner in Purple and yellow.

    Now in about 100' and wire is out 255'

    Wire takes a hit, about 10# Laker

    Rigger Wonder Frog takes at hit, small King

    5 Core takes hit with about 8# Brown

    5 Core takes hit with small King

    Wire takes hit with small Laker

    All fish taken between 100 and 140 feet.going West or North/South, nothing heading East

    Not any great fish but consistent action.

    Headed in around 11:00 am, us retired guys can't miss lunch.


    On a bad note, the Fleas are starting. Not a real nuisance yet but all the same they are starting up.

  5. I have had some doubles and some triples by myself before, but never on the same rod!!  That must have been pretty cool.  So the slider and main spoon both took fish at the same time?  That must have been exciting to try to get in the net!! :yes:  :yes:  :yes:


    Yep, they both took a spoon at the same time. I think the slider was hit first and when I grabbed the pole the deep was hit. Only a guess as the release hadn't tripped before I grabbed the rod. The pole was just pumping.

  6. Fished alone in AM and started at about 8:00 in 80 feet NE of I-bay. Trolled NE out to about 140-150' and then East/West


    Wire out 245' on port with Mtn Dew SD and matching A-tom fly.

    Rigger at 75' with Michigan Stinger in Wonder Frog and cheater with MS Stingray Glo Melon

    5 core out starboard with Rapala orange/yellow stick


    No sooner (now in about 120') had all lines set and the wire went off, Laker about 12 pounds. Had fly and fish all tangled up in net. After a bunch of screwing around finally got the wire back in the water and about half way out (now in about 140-150' heading East) when the rigger went off.


    Had a pair of small Kings (8-10#) on the rigger; one on each spoon (only my second ever double header). The other was a pair of Bows in Canandaigua.


    Reset rigger and about 1/2 hour later (heading West) the rigger goes off again with a Laker +/-10# on the cheater spoon.


    Now it's about 9:45 and it shuts right down.


    Started in to launch at about 11:00.


    I wonder what I could have done with 6 or more lines out. My son will be here from St. Louis next week so I'll be able to run more lines. I'll keep my fingers crossed that we have at least one really good day.

  7. I love my Bert's ratchet rod holders. When a fish is on, you just grab the rod, pull it back towards you until it's vertical and then remove it from the holder. This is much easier than trying to remove it in an outboard motion.

  8. I am running an 958 HD combo at the  the helm. I tried a unit with DI but found that the performance at planing speeds with the DI ducer was not as good as the standard 83/200 dual ducer. Also tried a SI unit but didn't see a benefit on Lake O and sold it.

    I have multiple units with ethernet connection and can share waypoints, transducers, etc. between units.

  9. I have been using Offshore in-line boards for 2 years. They work OK but I'm thinking a mast would be easier to use. However, on a small boat like mine, it creates another storage issue. I store my boat in the garage and would need to remove it for garage storage.


    Can anyone with experience with both please give me some pluses and minuses of each method.



  10. Fished out of I-bay this AM. Went East to the first point and dragged spoons, plugs and flies of various types and colors. Fished in 15 to 35 feet. Had one hit on planer but he got off. Didn't mark hardly and fish.

    Shortly after noon headed out to 60+ feet and started to mark fish from 35 feet to the bottom all over the place by then time caught up with me and I had to head in.

    If I get out tomorrow, I will head right out about 50 feet, setup and work my out deeper.

    It can be tough alone with only 3 rods, it takes awhile to try various setups and depths.


  11. Ops, I meant 998 not 989 in the title line. Sorry, but I not know how to change the title line.


    I have a new Lund coming in about 3-4 weeks and am in the process of making outfitting decisions.


    Last year I used a Humminbird 958 Combo unit and was pleased with in exception of use in bright sunlight.


    Bird now has the HD version out which has a much brighter screen.


    I will be upgrading to either a 958c HD 0r 998c HD SI. 


    Do any of you have any opinions on the use of side imaging for Lake O. fishing?



  12. I would suggest reconsidering using the T-rail mounts and a track system - I have such a set up on my rebel and it works exceptionally well for my Riggers, triple trees , and individual rachet holders - they have taken everything lake o can toss and handled it all without a hint of issue.


    I also had the lund cover for my boat - I had the local canvas shop modify it to fit around the track mounts and it also works very nicely


    What brand of T-rail mounts did you use?


    What is the distance from the top of the gunnel to the top of the track?


    How long are your tracks on the port and starboard sides?


    I think the gunnel track is a great idea but Lund should offer fittings for various applications in both plastic and aluminum. They are missing the opportunity for more $$.




    Trout Bum

  13. I just purchased a new Lund Rebel with T-slot gunnel track system.

    Now I am trying to decide what rod holder to use. I will need (6) total.

    My fishing will be mostly in Lake Ontario for Salmon, Lakers, Rainbow and Browns with some Finger Lakes fishing for Lakers, Rainbow and Eyes.

    My old boat had Ratcheting Bert's Rod Holders with Bert's Track mounted to top of interior rod lockers . 

    In order to use this on the Rebel, I would have to install the Bert's track above the gunnel. I do not like this type setup.

    I would like to utilize the Gunnel T-slotted rail setup and have individual rod holders mounted to individual t-slot adapters without utilizing an after market rail (like Bert's, etc).

    I am looking at Folbe Rod Holders. 

    What's your the consensus/experience with this holders?

    What others would you recommend?

    What are some brand of T-slot adapters that I could use to mount the rod holders to?


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