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  1. Just wondering if anyone keeps a log of their salmon and trout catches. I keep one as a reference point for upcoming seasons. Some of my buddies think its odd but I think its nice to have something to refer too. I take info such as water depth, surface temp, time of day, downrigger depth, dipsy length, speed and lure used. It was nice to look at the document and see that 2015 has been my best year for numbers but the size of fish is lacking.

  2. Launched at 5 solo, marked fish from 40 to bottom. Screen was constantly full of big hooks and bait. Ran two mag spoons at 50 and 60. Lemon ice on the 60 rigger did all the work. 80 to 100 FOW was all I worked. After loosing my net two weeks ago ive been using the tiny one in the picture, its too small to say the least. Fish was the biggest of the night at 18 LBS.

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  3. Worked 70 to 90 feet of water hard today, Had meat rigs, mag spoons and spin docs. Had a screamer on a dipsy 250 feet out on a 2 that took the line counter to a little over 900. Ended up breaking it off when we couldn't stop it and I couldn't clear lines and turn the boat towards it fast enough. Ended up 1 for 8. The big fish are definitely showing up in close. Fish finder had a ton of big marks but not too much bait.

  4. I was out of Wilson today and the wind changed around 1 oclock. It was super calm and flat then out of nowhere 2 to 4 footers. It was a rough ride back. It was weird how the wind went from South to North East in an instant. 

  5. Started in 400 FOW took a steelhead 70 down on a spoon. Ran back into 110 FOW and the meat rigs did all of the work. Picked up 4 more salmon lost 6. Expensive day for me as i lost a meat set up with a flasher and my net went overboard in the frenzy. Oh well back at it tomorrow.

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  6. The DEC people that checked my boat at the launch were looking for any weeds or plants that had stuck to my boat. It had to do with the new law that was enacted a few months ago. I agree with what skipper19 said, browns and lakers are eating gobies at a ridiculous rate. There is a reason my best spring brown lure is gold. As for the trash cans they have all been for unused bait fish in addition to invasive species. Are the gobies a problem? Yes. Ill be happy as long as those jumping asian carp dont get into the lake.


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