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  1. Again you seem to be talking about a very small area of this DMU. You seem to be limiting your knowledge to this small area, 8H does not only encompass 390 as you suggest. Maybe if you got down out of your tree and actually drove around the other 550 miles of this DMU you would have a better perspective of what is going on. Obviously I will not convince someone of your (in your mind) expertise, but to the people that actually hunt the rest of the area and even into 8G we know the truth. To all have a great weekend and enjoy the end of the season hunt. Be safe.

  2. Obviously not hard enough if the herd is that out of wack. Actually I do have access and see my share of deer, in fact I have seen more bucks this year than in the past three. I have also noticed a significant decline in the number of hunters in the area that I hunt. There is a lot of property around that is not hunted because the owners do not allow hunting or even access unarmed to go in to move the deer.

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  3. That may be for the small area that you hunt, but keep in mind that 8H is 574 miles, for the most part unless you are family or know someone that is family, you can not gain access. I think the DEC needs to re evaluate the Nuisance tag system and stop issuing them unless you are willing to allow hunters access to your property to help control the deer herd.  

  4. That is nice and all but what they are not saying is that most of the land in 8H is private and the landowners don't allow hunting. It goes to reason that the deer population is exploding. The landowners complain about their crops being devastated by deer over grazing, yet don't allow hunting. Something has to give.

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  5. Having the same problem. It is currently in the shop. So far they found that the water pump housing is warped and three "O" rings are missing. This is after I had another shop change the impeller and water pump. Haven't got it back yet to see how it is running, but I am sure that when things are fixed right, it will run great. I was told that I should not try to troll under 1000 rpm. It is not good for the engine as the oil pressure is too low and the impeller is not able to pump the water fast enough, so I bought two trolling bags. 

  6. I found non-ethonal at a Valero and Delta Sonic in Rochester. Did a Google search and was surprised at the locations that sell it. I think that more gas stations are realizing that there is a growing market for non-ethonal as more people are coming to realize the damage that ethanol does to engines.

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  7. You can get the Lowrance X4 for $80.00 or the X4 pro for $100. They will show you fish and surface temp but no gps. I used the X4 pro my first year and my band help gps for navigation. Fortunately I know a guy who sold his boat and gave me his Lowrance LCX27C (Now it is the GEN7) so I have both, but I would be still using the X4 pro had that not happened.

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  8. Thanks! How do you know how big the waves are and what the color of the water is at 3am when it is pitch dark outside?

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    I live right on the lake so I see it everyday. Wave height is based on expierience and I measure them by how high they are with my dock.

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