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  1. All guns are bad.

    Hunting is a legal and legitimate use of a gun. Put BS restrictions on hunting so people stop doing it.

    Without understanding the mechanics of how a gun works, restrict certain features.

    Place unnecessary taxes on ammo and other gun accessories.

    Require gun owners to pay exhortation insurance rates to discourage gun ownership.

    Rinse, lather and repeat.

    Guns go away.

    Life is good.

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  2. See some of my previous posts on how I've rigged my yak...


    IMHO downriggers on kayaks are best if they yak is peddle or motor powered.   Trying to paddle and run a downrigger / rod isn't easy.


    Torpedo divers either clipped on or using a redirig  instant downrigger is the way to go.  https://www.redirig.com/products  Also started using their planer floats, and have had good experiences spreading things out.


    Lead core is an option; however in my experience I've lost quite a few fish trying to get the slack out of the line when you get a hook-up.    Pedal drive helps, because I can maintain forward momentum.


    I generally use 4 or 6 lb. balls - Running deep with the 6 or 8 lbs, I do notice that there is some resistance on how the yak rides; if swells are big, I'll try to keep the downrigger downwind / downstream so that side rides in the wave through.    I run braid on my down rigger, and keep the clutch fairly loose in case I get hung up.   As with any down rigger, best to always keep the weight in the water rather then swinging around when you're fighting a fish / setting things up.  







  3. Hit one of the Finger Lakes this morning on the Hobie kayak and there was another kayaker at the launch when I got there.  Wind was out of the sourh, so there was a decent chop to the water.


    He had an off-brand sit on top kayak with an iPilot unit bolted to some 2 by lumber strapped to the bow.  He was also wearing Frogg Togg waders.  We chatted for a few minutes before I headed out.


    Was a few hundred yards from the launch and heard a splash and commotion behind me.  The other guy had stood up trying to deploy the trolling motor and get sideways to the waves and went for a swim.


    I turned about to help out, and by the time I got to him, he was barely able to hold on to his yak.  He was hanging on to his PFD vest with 1 hand, and trying to use the other to run the iPilot remote to drive himself back to the launch, but the cold water made it impossible. 


    There was no way in hell I was going to let him anywhere near my yak, because the last thing we needed was 2 people in the water, but I  did end up getting close enough to him and cut  the shoulder straps on his waders as they were acting like a drift sock, and get the PFD on over both arms, but did get the straps cinched up.


    I then pulled his yak back to the launch with him holding onto it, using a length of paracord as a tow rope. 


    So many lessons to be learned here, if I hadn't been there, this dude most likely would have died in less than 10 feet of water.  Water that was 38 degrees.  He was so not prepared in a number of ways.


    To my fellow kaykers. :  Don't be stupid !!


    Dress for immersion.  Waders won't protect you in cold water.  Invest in a quality dry suit.   


    Wear your PFD.  Even when the water is 75-80 degrees, I have mine on.


    Practice how to re-enter your yak, it's not an easy thing to do, but if you've never tried it, your first dunking  is not the time to learn.


    If you're going to customize your ride, think about safety and have things easily within reach. Don't do it half assed - ratchet straps, bungee cords and zip ties are just asking for trouble.









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  4. Been interested in upping my game and getting into a boat for trolling.  Stumbled into a good deal, so pulled the trigger a few weeks ago and now have a 2017 Lund Rebel 1650 XS Sport sitting in the garage.  Working on getting it set-up for the Finger Lakes - will be trailering it, and the family bowrider will keep it's place at the boathouse on Canandaigua lake.  Kayak will still get used, just not quite as much on the bigger lakes.


    Boat has 60 HP OB and 5 HP kicker (both Merc 4 strokes).  kicker is pull start with internal tank - hook up available for onboard tank. It has no remote or charging kit.


    Ordered a Teranova 80 LB 24V with iPilot bow mount trolling motor and plan on using that for steering while trolling.


    Looking for some input from folks on the following questions I have -


    No connecting rod between kicker and main motor - would one help so that I could use the main motor as a rudder?  If so, what are some recommendations ?


    Any ideas on how long the kicker will run on a tank of fuel?  Should I hook-up to onboard tank ?


    Rigging - going to be using deep running gear (dipsy divers, lead core, slider divers, etc) from the kayak to start out.  Only missing a downrigger or 2. Will probably start out with a manual system for a season or two to save costs.  


    Do folks have pictures / suggestions on best placement for rod holders any other accessories?  Really like the Sport Track system for the ability to adjust until I get things set-up in the best location. But if I can learn from others 


    Electronics - Helix 7 DI installed.  In the yak I use a Fish Hawk TD to get spot reading - not the best system, but it works.  Is an X4D system worth it for the Finger Lakes?  

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