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  1. A good video on torpedo divers from a yak...

    IMHO in your case, stick with using clips, rather than the redi-rig set up. I've been using the Redi-Rig aet up for years, and found out it works alot better in a peddle yak because you need forward momentum to keep things from getting tangled up.

    In the video he's using church clips, I use OR-16 clips. Either style will work - but be warned you will loose a torpedo or two, usually it happens when connecting or disconnecting the weight, not durning trolling or when fighting a fish.

    I have different sized divers, and try to avoid the heavy ones unless I need to get deep - they do put a good bend in the rod, and the lure action isn't transfered back to the rod tip.


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  2. I have a Hobie mirage drive and spend  a lot of time on various finger lakes targeting trout / Salmonids, you can search my posts for more info on how I'm rigged and my experiences.


    Don't see a fish finder in your pictures - definitely at a disadvantage if you don't have one.  Even a cheap portable unit with the 'ducer hanging over the side will give you a better understanding of what's down below you.


    Search for "kayak" in the forums - lots of posts and info out there.


    Here's a good post with some good info.  https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/89553-kayak-trolling-help/?tab=comments#comment-651832




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  3. Canadice lakers can humble you pretty quickly; there are days I can have non-stop action, and there are other I'll go 3-4 hours without a single hit.

    Can't say if any one time or location is best on that lake, but it's small enough to move around to find bait balls and marks.

    I bring along a large assortment of jigs and blade baits, and change-up things if until I find what they're interested in.

    In no particular order,:

    PK lure flutter spoons
    PK lure Panic jig
    Bite booster blade baits
    Sweedish pimples
    Kastmaster jigging spoons
    1 - 2 oz saltwater jigs

    And pretty much anything else I can find that's heavy with hooks on it.

    I fish out of a Hobie kayak. All the Finger Lakes are fishable with the right safety gear and a good mind about you. North \ South winds can make the lakes too rough for a kayak, but if you watch the forecast, you'll be fine.

    Also found that based on winds, (for example) T-falls is too rough, but Sheldrake or Deans on Cayuga is relatively flat; so don't be afraid to drive around to check different locations.


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  4. Launched the kayak out of Woodville this AM @ 6 AM - only a few other trailers in the parking lot - thinking all the Trout fishermen launched out of Vine Valley based on the results of the Tournament Last Week :lol:


    Saw the following temps with the Fishhawk td, so worked around 35-45 FOW  with a mix of deep diver sticks and spoons using torpedo divers to different depths.  Stayed on the south drop off , and never moved north of rock cut the entire morning. 


    Ended up with a 18.5" brown that came home and was grilled for dinner  and a 23-odd" laker that was released.    Lost another one after a quick run and it spit the hook.


    Lots of "clutter" in the upper 15-20 feet of water - but saw few good sized bait balls, that I could actually feel the lines hitting the bait as I passed through them.


    Was off the water by 11.  



  5. @bulletbob - Shallow bite does slow down as the sun gets higher - I've moved deeper (90-150 FOW) and stayed busy into the afternoon.   I have noticed that when jigging in deeper water, a lot of times there's nothing showing on the bottom, but once I start reeling up, they'll show up on sonar 10-30 feet off the bottom and start chasing.

  6. 6/6/21 - When out of Sheldrake @ 6:30 AM   Wind out of the S-SW, lake was a bit rougher then I expected, so  stayed north of the point.     Last week I when I was out, the East winds had moved warmer water and bait over to the west side, so I was hoping to find 'em there again.


    Was planning on trolling, but ended up jigging for a few hours.    Last week they were in less then 30 FOW, this AM, I was finding marks in 45.  Ended up landing 2 - first one was 30.5" and the second 22".  Both released. - 2nd appeared to be fin clipped. 


    1st one was classic "hit on the drop"  - was watching the fishing rise up to the jig on sonar, and suddenly line went slack when he hit it.  


    2nd one tested my netting abilities - I flubbed a few times before landing it. 


    Off the water by 10:30 - once the wind died down the sun was brutal in the yak.


    2 videos uploaded to youtube...





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  7. 1st thing in the morning alewive / darker colored stick baits that dive 15-20 ft. seem to work good. In the kayak I'm pretty stealthy, keeping them back 100-150 ft.


    I have been playing with some in line planers to spread things out a bit - not 100% confident with them yet, but getting better.


    Also have had good luck jigging for them around bait balls with silver / minnow colored swim baits instead of the traditional "laker white".


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