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  1. Quick trip to the oak Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday. Fished 27.5 -32 line. 
    Thought we had it dialed in Tuesday afternoon found an area 28.5 line where we were moving rods with a couple doubles and consistent bite. Wednesday one bite in 3 hours in the same area, decided to pull and move deep and got back into them at 32 line..  Thanks for the heads-up Andy Krall
    Raspberry carbon 14 was firing consistently until this 20 lber totally blew it up. 
    Currents and temps were moving around a lot. 




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  2. You can get meat rigs and flies directly from the Atomik site. Spoons are definitely tough right now there are a few people in the classifieds that can paint what you need. You check the spoon manufacturers sites directly? 

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