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  1. 11 hours ago, dbitting said:

    A rudder feedback is not required  with the out of box setup. If you follow the instructions  during installation  the cable steer unit has the VRF mounted already when you finish install  you rotate steering full left then full right  and back to center. You remove the VRF and line up the red dots. your Rudder feed back is complete. There would be no reason to have an additional RF at $500 unless the steering is so sloppy it stay on point. I had to fuss with mine and it works great. My only mistake was i put my Point1 on the Bow and it should be at the Stern

    dbitting ,


     When you installed your CABLE-STEER A/P - What did you do with the electrical cord which is wired to the VRF sensor on the Helm -1.  After you lined up the dots on the sensor,. Did you plug it into the NAC-1 or just leave it unconnected ?



    Thank you

  2. On 2/16/2018 at 7:19 AM, wallyandre said:

    No, compatible with: Gen2, Gen2 Touch, Gen3 and Carbon

    Also compatible with the Simrad Go series and Evo2 and EVO3 



    I recently purchased A Lowrance Cable steer A/P new . It will be run with a Gen 2 HDS .Unlike the captioned schematic,the installation instructions which came with my unit did not show the Rudder Feedback cable being plugged into the NAC-1 or anything else. I contacted Lowrance tech service and was told nothing plugs into the feedback port on Lowrance units which doesn't seem to make sense. I have asked them to confirm or clarify this info, but have not heard back from them.  Does anyone know if this is correct ?  Thanks.

  3. Complete working Auto Pilot for cable steer boat. Purchased new five years ago. The auto pilot system has worked very well, but made the conventional steering quite stiff when the A/P was either  "off"  or in " standby" mode. I recently replaced the boat's rack and pinion cable steer system with hydraulic steering and cannot use the Sport Pilot.   $ 650.00  shipped  


  4. Hi, 


     I have been looking at some 25 HP outboards and am interested in Yamaha due to its new feature of Variable trolling speed (VTS) which allows adjustment of as little as 10 rpm at a time.


    Has anyone used the Yamaha with this feature and,if so, how well did it work ?


    Thanks,  Jack

  5. Looks like two separate issues. Depending on the scale you are using on the MFD , the digital depth reading could easily vary from the depth scale on the side of the graph. Try changing you max depth on the MFD  to something closer to the depth of the ball. The variance on the rigger readout could simply be  a wrong reading on the rigger's counter. As an example, when the springs which drive the counter on my BIG JON riggers get worn and weak they slip, especially if you run the rigger down fast.  Try marking the cable at various measured points and see if they match up with the rigger's counter. The same sort of thing often happens with counter fishing reels if you reel them in too fast.



  6. The boat is located at my home in Westhampton,MA.


     Regarding price I understand your position being retired and on Soc. Sec.. I am 72 and also retired. I have just reduced the price and feel the asking price is  fair.  What did you have in mind ?

  7. Verify that the head unit has power and is working. When hooked into your 12 volt supply, you should see a small black dot or decimal point in the lower digital screen which would show the temp if a working probe were attached. No "dot" means no power or a bad head unit. If the head is working , follow the advice above to check out the probe..

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