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  1. By 3rd weekend in September you may want to get some waders and hit the rivers. Even on the East End that's probably about the last weekend anyone will be fishing staging Kings as the majority of the big runs will have occurred. If you're into Walleye call up Gene Bolton - he should be running to the island shoals after those elusive 'eyes through September.

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  2. They are poorly marked in Stoney right now... the buoys are under water due to the elevated levels. I went out of there Sunday AM and some barely are sticking out, some are submerged. Watch out going through there. Tons of big debris out there. High water levels are picking up everything off the shore line that typically has not been touchable... it's a mine field out there.

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  3. Naww.. man trip. Open up the camps on Friday and hunt Browns all weekend in the stealthy Tracker. Hopefully the weather pans out.

    We'll be in touch Chuck. Check BRB basin around Sackets for the BR outflow... sometimes it hugs North Shore, sometimes South... find the temp rise... I've caught a lot of Browns out there if you find the right water. Some of the warmest water in the area can be found there and it can be a magnet.

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  4. A friend of a friend is close to pulling the trigger on one. The new ones have storage hatches on the gunnels. How can we put track on them with hatches in the way? Poor design if you ask me.

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    Agreed. Terrible design... that's an unfortunate case of "engineers who don't fish". Tracker's new V18 and V20 have the same awful hatches on the wide gunnels.

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