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  1. That may be the first Daiwa knock I've ever heard... I wouldn't trade my Saltist reels for anything!! That's all I run except for Seagate's for copper. Best drags on the market. Sucks you had a bad experience with one have never heard of a saltist line counter issue. They're directly driven vs the Okuma friction counters which aren't accurate or consistent.

    I naively bought some Okuma's when I was starting out. Wasn't a fan of losing fish with sticky drags.

  2. I'm all set in the boat department, but some may be interested in performance numbers and other metrics.

    Efficient cruise speed and rpm?

    Top speed and rpm?

    What's she draft?

    How good is the boat control and trolling speed using the kicker?

    Don't see the kicker mounted?

    Kicker controls at helm?

    How is kicker steered?

    No gear/rigging at all other than the Raymarine?

    Nice boat! Good luck with your sale bud.

  3. Selling a 24V Minnkota Terrova iPilot 80lb-ft thrust with the long 60" shaft. Comes with foot control and wireless remote control. All the awesome GPS-enabled features that Minnkota advertises.


    Barely used. 1.5 seasons old. Comes with 2 deep cycle group 27 batteries just as new as the motor. Includes 20' of heavy AWG wire.

    Excellent condition.

    $1200 obo $1100 obo $1000 firm. Cash or PayPal. Not entertaining shipping. PM me if interested.

    Can meet anywhere between Binghamton and Watertown along I81.

  4. Matching pair of Cannon Downrigger Unitroll's with extendable booms out to 4ft. Manual operation. Includes pair of swivel plate Cannon bases.

    Includes EZ retrieve dual boom-mounted rod holders on each. Quick draw style holders. New Stainless Downrigger Cable on each with new end terminations. Comes with a pair of Cannon releases.

    Excellent condition. Barely used.

    $450 obo. Cash or PayPal. Would rather not ship. PM me if interested.

    Can meet anywhere between Binghamton and Watertown along I-81.

  5. Bloodrun's website has always been sub-par... looks like it again has been overhauled and is worse then ever. Too bad because they used to have a lot of solid data to share with their customers that aided in their ability to pull the trigger and buy something. Now you have to create an account, log in, blah blah... people don't want to do that and to some degree I would imagine may affect sales.

    Great products... just don't understand the hoops they're making people jump through on their website.

    Sounds good on Atommik brand - maybe I've never seen the copper Tom sells... just don't buy the thin crap you see pre-spooled in the stores. I don't know what brand it is but its garbage.

    I have a 250, 400, and 450. The 250 hasn't produced much for me... the 400 and 450 are solid in July and August.

  6. 450' is deadly in the trench Chas... what brand 45# copper do you plan to spool up? I use the 45# Bloodrun and have never had an issue. You may consider upping the PP to 50#... the slightly larger diameter will help it not eat into itself on the arbor of the reel. That PP can be a real pain on a screaming King.

    Definitely go with a high retrieve reel. The Daiwa Seagate 60s are solid and relatively affordable. Excellent drag is a must.

  7. Posting this sale for my neighbor. Please PM me if interested.

    1982 Starcraft 18.5' Fishing Boat. 70hp Mercury OB runs great. 1983 Trailer in good shape. Newer tires. Minnkota Terrova iPilot with remote, 24V 60" shaft. Only 2 years old and barely used. 2 newer batteries for trolling motor. Onboard battery charger. Newer main starter battery. 2 Cannon manual unitroll downriggers with dual boom-mounted rod holders on each. Downrigger weights included. 2 adjustable Great Lakes Planer dual dipsey rod holders. Lowrance Elite 5 fish finder with navionics chip. 6 aft vertical rod holders. 1 vertical rod holder on each side forward of the windshield consoles. Removeable forward seat. Forward cargo nets. Lots of storage for gear throughout the boat.

    Solid fishing platform - Boated a lot of fish over the years. Primarily used on Oneida Lake. Always stored inside. Including winters.

    $3900 OBO

    Can be seen near Binghamton, NY.

  8. FleetTracker, in the Henderson area is there any closer productive spot then the wall in shipping lane to catch those monsters lakers and kings. I'm from Quebec and have been interested in going in the Henderson Harbor this summer. It's a 3.5 to 4 hours drive for me to get there witch is reasonnable. I have a good size boat (Crestliner commander 1850) but it's a 20 + miles ride to get there. I've been fishing lake Ontario for few years but never fished that far.   

    You can try off the "Finger" West of the Stony Point Lighthouse... mainly on bottom.  Again, you'll see a lot of charters pounding that area. 150-170' zone.

  9. Thanks dudes!  This coming weekend will be my last Lake O report till the 4th of July weekend I think...


    Dad and I are meeting a good friend down out of Ocean City, MD to do some Yellowfin/Mahi fishing out in the Canyons next weekend...


    Weekend after that I have to go to Australia for work so going to do some fishing out there also... 


    Some exotic reports to follow... 

  10. Scoot to 150' - 180' and work the contours near "the wall"... they call it that for a reason, so don't get caught with your riggers down and come up on it!!  Give yourself some room, especially if you see the charters working that area tightly.  We'd all like to think that other boats will do the right thing and not force you into a bad position but that's rarely the case.  Don't get caught inside and put yourself in that position.


    I'd start with a rigger high around 40-50' and another rigger 80-100' and dipseys splitting that range.  Do you have a temp probe?  I usually put my deep rigger at 42-43deg and work up from there.


    Spoon on the high rigger.  flasher/fly on dipseys and low rigger.  "Stack" or "Cheat" the low rigger with a spoon.  I have been running big boards and throwing out 6-10 color cores but not necessary.  keep it simple.

  11. No problem.

    Skinny water lake trout on spoons fight awesome. So do the suspended monsters out there down 60-80' so long as it's not being brought in with cowbells.

    Here's to you sticking out this season in this area and getting into some big Silver later this year! Thank you for your service!!!

    Oh and watch out for these large critters out in the lanes... they look slow and harmless but man do they displace some big rolling wake!


  12. Shawn - see photo.

    The lanes are NW of Galloo toward the Canadian island of Main Duck and very close to the Canadian border (which you need to be aware of out there). The chart was on "heading up" so top of the screen is approximately East. The islands you see from left to right are Main Duck, Galloo and part of little Stony at the top right.

    Pay attention to the weather... it's a run. Likely won't heat up out there for mature Silver till end of Month and into July.  Right now you'll see a few Saiff boats out there and some others cowbellin' for Lakers right along 'The Wall'.


    We don't cowbell... try to target Silver at all times but this time of year you'll still get a bunch of big suspended Lake Trout that will hit on Riggers, Dipseys, long Cores, and Copper.

    Good luck.


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