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  1. Jimski2 I’m not going to debate you here since this is not the place. I would however love to sit down with you and discuss over a beer. You’re way off base in this in more ways than one. I have to believe you when you say you have over 30 years of experience but I have my doubts as to how much hands on experience and not classroom.

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  2. Yeh, I was looking for you labor day weekend. I thought maybe you were running out of Oswego. 3 and out for me this year. Still had great fun. Good luck my friend, I'll be in the neighborhood, lol.


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    Only 3 trips for me too and the third hasn’t happened yet. Busy at work, got married again and weather wasn’t too cooperative when I did have time. Next year hoping more. Stay well my friend.



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  3. Sk8man, BC FD and Low Baller thank you! Low Baller for the original post and Sk8man and BC FD for yor replies. Nothing annoys me more than the arm chair experts that tell emergency services how the job should have been done after the fact. They knew this was nothing like they had ever experinced before, they knew it was a huge risk, they knew they might not make it out but they also knew there were thousands that needed help and they were going to do their best because that's what they do. Yes there was a large loss of life taken that day but there also was  an etremely larger number of lives saved because of their efforts. God bless those brave men and women!  

  4. Back in the late 80's we were fishing off Sandy Pond in bright sunlight. All day towards the Canadian side there was a front moving NE and watched 8 come down and go out of site. It was something I'll never forget and well worth watching.


  5. On 7/23/2020 at 7:50 PM, Dirt said:

    K thank u very much! I don’t have any way to tell water temp! Any suggestions? Fish the marks?

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    The marks of the fish on your fish finder. Whatever depth they're showing at fish that but keep in mind you'll need to put out about 10-15' more cable depending on ball weight and speed to compensate for blow back.

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