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  1. Under powered isn't bad IMO, u can troll down better and troll at higher rpm. You pry can't get a 20 ft boat on plane with 2 ft plus waves anyways(75% of the time). I've fished boats that cruise at 12, they'll get u there and fuel efficient

  2. I would say in a full moon the fish might be more willing to bite. Had my best trip ever catching our first fish at about 9 pm and they wouldn't stop hitting so we had to stay til midnight. Hard to land but we went 6 for 15 or so. This has happened twice of pry 8 attempts, when they don't want to bite after sun down ull wash lures

  3. I don't like copper because u have to put it all out to be effective, like a set 200 or 300ft etc. lead core gives u more range u can do 8 to 10 or 12 colors. Also I think it would be a lot less drag while fishing from a kayak, and u need a leader from a ditsy so it would be harder to net. The leader on lead ore can go through the eyes of the reel so u can reel to tip way easier IMO

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