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  1. On the lake around 6:30. Ran out to 100 and set up with spoons, flashers and meat. Meat on both dipseys. Once we hit 120 it was on! Both dipseys were firing at 300 and 320 out on wire. The meat rigs on the riggers took off later at 110 and 100. Did 5 kings in that 120- 150 then it slowed down so we worked out to 180 and picked up a cew more. Went 7 for 7 on kings Saturday. 23 to 15 lbers. Started Sunday in the same and took a nice king on rigger meat at 110. Then we stunk up the morning working the inside. Decided to move out with the fog chasing us and in the afternoon we picked away at the kings out there in the fog all afternoon and ended up with 5 matures and a teenager. Broke off 2 and dropped 2 so we went 6 for 10. All on meat mixed on riggers and wire dipseys at 300-320 all weekend with rigger bites all between 130 and 100. Nothing on f/f or spoons. Great weekend for us on Lumpys Lunkers.

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  2. Lumpy's Lunkers headed out in the am and headed west out of the chute to poke around for browns. The water had warmed up in there and there was no fish or bait so we headed out north and set up in 90'. When we made it out to 120 or so the screen showed a lot of bait but no takers so we turned north again and when we hit 170' the 125' dipsy pulling a wht/green dots spin doctor and green fly took off screaming! After a long battle, a 24lb King hit the deck. We turned around and fished that same area and took some nice year class steelies on the same set-up and 300 copper pulling mountain dew F/F. It was a fun morning for us, anyway.


  3. Awesome fish Mr Clean! Way to go after the crappy start to your season!

    After blanking out Saturday during the All Aboard Weekend (which was a great time and we will be doing it again) The Lumpy's crew got up early and decided to try the 30' of water west of the chute where we hoped some of the returning bait would be hanging. We guessed correctly and nailed a 10lb brown as soon as we got out in front of Blind Sodus off the 120' off board glow frog spoon. 67 degree surface water! Found some bait pods in there then found big balls of bait loaded with fish down 30 and quickly dropped the balls down as low as we dared and popped a giant brown which we lost at the net. Found some more bait with fish and did the same and nailed a 12lber. Then we lost the bait and fish and headed in... wish we could have weighed the biggest one we dropped. life goes on!

  4. Got a late start Saturday morning because we had to pick up downriggers at Screwy Louies as we had to have new cable put on and serviced and all that. It was lumpy and we bounced out to 130 FOW and set up around 8:30 headed east. Three downriggers set 85 and 75 with SD and BW bait on the bottom and sd and fly in the middle with a spoon parked at 65. 2 dipseys one with flasher fly at 175, the other with flasher meat rig at 200. 1-300 copper down the chute w FF. Not long after set-up the 175 dipsey took off and we netted a 12lb king. Not long after that something slammed the 200 dipsey and screamed... then off. Turns out it straightened out the treble on a brand new Big Weenie rig and the drag was set fairly light. Reeled in the 300 copper and put a Flasher /meatrig out with a 3oz dive bomb 30-40' above the leader. Not too long after putting it out the 300 takes off and we put a 25lb king in the box. (Our first king landed off of a copper rig) I put that rig right back out and soon after we boxed a 23lb king. Then it died for us. Searched out to 230 and had a few dipsey rips on then off. Ended up west in 130ish water with a bunch of other boats and another dipsey screammm then nothing home. Headed in w 3 in the box.


    Sunday went out when the sky cleared and went from 130 -260 FOW and only had one dipsey rip and headed in at noon with the first skunk of the season. Oh well!


    The fleas were horrendous also.


    Tight lines and screamin drags.



  5. Went out this morning and did well 180'-230' fow wandered out to 500' and back midday but not much going on out there for us. 3 majors, a skippy king, 2 fat lakers, and a decent steelhead. It was a dipsey day for kings, 200 back hammertime sd pulling a green atomik took two majors a skip and two drops. The other king hit 243 dipsy white sd pulling a blue bw twinkie rig. Took a fat mudchicken on the same. The other laker smacked a captain V sd pulling a bw mountain dew meatrig 80' down. The steelhead hit a diehard stinger slider and put on a great aerial show.post-151524-14052165474629_thumb.jpgpost-151524-14052165474629_thumb.jpg

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  6. So... I ended up bending up some metal making the keel half as long protruding into the water with the other numbers being the same. No lead (metal). Finally bolted them on for this weekend and it seemed to work great! They pulled a little harder, tracked better, and I ran 1 copper rig off it with no issues. And it's not pulling so hard that I have to worry about breaking stuff...lol

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