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  1. The 201-pound, 16-pointer has been unofficially green-scored — a drying period is in order before an official and final measurement is taken. If the measurement stands, Daigle's buck will be our state record, its rack scoring an incredible non-typical 198-1/4-inch gross and 192 net, beating the previous state record typical category whitetail.

    What a great story. Congratulations to Rutland's Dan Daigle!

    http://www.telegram.com/article/2012112 ... 79968/1009

  2. I recently bought two Baker crankbaits to fish Lake Chautauqua and these are the finest quality lures I have ever used. The finish is absolutely beautiful and each crank was signed "Baker" with the year 2012. I remember telling my brother in law that we needed some teeth marks on the Baker so some day my son would see those marks and remember the year we fished Chautaqua together. Here's a picture of a nice musky that Baker caught.


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