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  1. Trying to make it fun for my wife, I took her on a mackeral fishing charter, thinking there'd be a lot of action and fish caught. It wasn't long before she was over the side heaving to the song on the boats PA, "Don't Rock The Boat, Don't Tip The Boat Over". I tried hard not too laugh but to this day she still reminds me from time to time that I'm a jerk for laughing at her.

  2. I like these Amish Salmon Fly Caddy's. With an overhand knot on the tag end of your fly leader, changing them out is easy. And if there's a Frendly's Ice Cream nearby, their Fribbles comes with x-tra large straws which fit nicely over the flies. The pads also fit nicely in the gunwale rod lockers which I've converted into tackle boxes.




    Apologies to EKoselny...i missed your post!


  3. Different reel but same problem (i think). Those belleville washers "()" are bent like to determine the ramp rate of the drag curve. Some are configured like this, "()", some like this, "((". Their configuration determines the amount of range the wheel (or star) can be ramped down or tweaked. Does that make sense? The schematics calls them drag spring washers, #609. I recommend sending them out to Tuna's.



  4. A couple of other things you could do before servicing them is to make sure the line leveler or guide is in sync with the line as it comes off the spool. If the line coming off the spool is at one end and the line leveler is at the other, it puts a lot of strain on the drag. (Might cost you the fish of a lifetime too). If that doesn't help, you could check the Belleville washers and make sure they're oriented correctly. Like this "()". There's a picture, 74th down in this tutorial. The linecounter problem seems to be a common issue with Okuma reels. China! This tutorial should be almost identical to the older 30 D's. If all else fails, Tuna Tom's...



  5. I'm all for boating safety and took the Basic Boating Safety and Advanced Coastal Navigation courses offered by the Auxilliary. I thoroughly enjoyed them both and am looking forward to taking them again with my sons. My problem is a lack of boat handling...I'm the world's worst!

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