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  1. There's been too much deceit by these so called scientists to take them seriously for my satisfaction. Mann refusing to release his data for peer review, the Climategate emails revealing man made adjustments to the temperature data, hide the decline but what really sealed it for me was when they tried to tell me that this cooling we're experiencing is caused by global warming. This all started with a man the New York Times once called The Custodian of the Planet, Maurice Strong, an oil tycoon.

  2. Love the headlights in your sled Les! I once built a sled that needed a clydesdale to pull across the ice. I put a car stereo and battery in it and the American Flag pole doubled as an antenna. My wife also made a nice shamrock windbreak for it. It was so big that it had to sit outside in the weather which eventually ruined it but it was fun while it lasted.

  3. I like the idea of getting multiple lines out, traffic permitting, in 15-20' of water. If you keep everything the same, leadcore line and leader wise on each side, the angle of the tow rope will put the line closest to the planer board, farther back than the line inside it and so on, allowing them to fall back behind the boat tangle free. Then slide everything down and rotate the lines when reeled in. I got a late start last year but that's my game plan for this spring.

  4. My B-i-L fell through the ice walking to his favorite spot. He was lucky and credits his one piece snowmobile suit for bobbing him right back out and onto the ice. No picks! He lost everything including a big Jiffy. He's lucky he's alive, don't take any chances out there. As a side note, a friend dove down and found the Jiffy in 15' of water the following summer. The rope was rotted but when replaced, the thing started up on the second pull.

  5. My son drilled 16 holes through 4 plates using a 3/8" cobalt drill bit. You can actually harden the steel and make it more difficult to drill through if using a high speed while drilling. Slow is better with lots of oil and a big strong guy to put some arm on the drill. My gunnels are 11" wide so the 6x6 plates fit nicely under them.

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