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  1. I may be wrong but I think the ban includes charter boats. I agree with you Capt Spike, it's the commercial boats who deplete the resources. The good news is the haddock have come back strong and the feds have doubled the amount of haddock fisherman can catch. The ban ends in May so I think cod fishing will resume next summer. May might be a good time to fish cod once the season opens again. I used to catch them right from the beach on Plum Island in late fall.



  2. You guys are going to think I'm crazy but a few years back my brother in law showed me a scrape behind his house that he had poured straight ammonia in. The scrape was all torn up. And that hot water bottle has a wide neck that, ah...never mind.

  3. I know that the level wind assemblies in the Penn level winds can be easily removed. You would have to remove the idler gear, the line guide carriage, the pawl and the pawl cover screw . You can actually leave the worm assembly in place so that you don't have holes in the frame. Clean and re-lube the 2 bearings and that reel should cast a mile.

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting Dukdog at Catfish Creek two summers ago and when I saw the railing he had installed, I remember telling him how nervous I was with my sons hanging over the back to set the riggers. Our boat is really a walleye boat with platforms fore and aft and there isn't much height to the top of the gunwale when standing on that aft platform. I wanted to mount a board across the back but my oldest didn't like that idea and suggested running them up the sides so that's what we did. At first, I tried mounting the riggers with a Cisco mount they make for Tracker's Versa Track system but that didn't work very well, the riggers were constantly shifting around and I found myself trying to shim them to keep them seated but I was just too nervous that I was going to lose them overboard. Cisco worked with me diligently to solve the problem and I wouldn't hesitate to buy their products again...I still think they make a great product. Also, I had 3 of 4 Cannon swivel bases crack on me and now that I think about it, it may have been the stress those mounts were under bouncing around the way they were. Cannon replaced all 4 lexan swivel bases with 4 new carbon fiber ones, another great company IMO. With the new boards and bases, I should be all set. Because I wanted to mount 2 riggers per board, I went with the larger 1 1/2" pipe, it might be overkill but being a big guy myself, I stood right in the middle of each board and jumped up and down on them...they're solid! I may have to rethink what size pipe I'll use for the launcher and thank you for your input. This place is awesome because so many are willing to help each other out! Here's what I've done so far.


    And thank you Captain, we had a great time at Oak Orchard and can't wait to go back!


  5. lakebound88, you're welcome. They do look identical


    justtracytrolling, I've spoken with a couple of guy's who have the Great Lakes Planer rocket launchers and they LOVE them. I was seriously thinking about buying one but after I mounted a board up each gunwale with speed rail, I'm thinking about making one from those fittings and 1 1/2 " anodized aluminum.


    Chief, I went with 1 1/2" fittings and pipe because I couldn't find planer reels with fittings to fit pipe over 1 1/2". Those Cisco electrics are calling me!


    ifishy, I'm thinking the same thing! This year I mounted two boards up the sides and now I want to add a rocket launcher with planer reels on each mast. I think I'm going to have the rod tubes welded to the horizontal bar across the top and use fittings for everything else. We've had a couple of mishaps out there. Stepped on a rod and bent a guide backing up while trying to net a dipsy rod fish, and my b-i-l buried a hook in his hand this year. I have to get those rods out of the way and organized.


    Initially, I was thinking galvanized, until Dukdog suggested speed rail. He was my inspiration!





  6. Hollaender also makes slip on Mend-A-Rail fittings that you could slip onto that beautiful arch on your beautiful boat. It looks like you'd have to drill a couple of holes through the arch for the two bolts that secure the fitting, and that you may want to think about. Once the fitting is secured to the arch, a length of 1 1/2" anodized pipe slips into the open fitting and a set screw allows you to angle the net holder at any angle you prefer. Scroll to the bottom and click on the pictures for schematics. It looks like the 1700 might work.




    Although this picture isn't the right fitting, it does give you a better idea of how the mend-a-rail fittings are secured to an existing pipe.



  7. Thanks Les, I searched everywhere but couldn't find stanchions tall enough to clear the rod lockers when opened. Dukdog recommended the speed rail and I'm glad I listened to him. Now I'm going to fasten a flange on each side, right on top of the 2 forward flanges and make a rocket launcher using 5' of pipe on both sides and 7' across the top. I think...The boat's only an 18'er and I really need to get the rods out of the way. My brother in law buried an Owner hook into his hand this year getting out of the boat with the rods up front. He's getting an Owner hat this year for Christmas!

  8. That's a beautiful boat and I agree with TileMan Dan. Look around closely for screws on those side panels, I'd think you should be able to remove that panel to gain access under the gunnel. My gunnels are 11" wide with rod lockers which I find too small for salmon rods and they're right in the middle of the gunnel's, screwing up the possibility of mounting a track system. I wanted to mount a rigger board across the back but was out voted by my sons. But they did suggest running the boards up the sides. So with a couple of 2" white oak boards, 1 1/2" anodized pipe and Kee Klamp flanges we can now run 4 riggers and there's room to mount a small track for dipsy rods. That platform makes me nervous when it's bumpy out there but now I don't worry as much about my son's bending over the back setting the rigger rods now. The 2 rod lockers will be converted into tackle boxes. There were 4 screws holding that small panel in place which were easily removed to get under the gunnel for backing plates. Those Kee Klamp flanges have 2 set screws and the boards are easily removed for trailering and covering. I wish I had a better pic but here's what I did.


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