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  1. A question Trevor Sumption asked me when I emailed him for advice was, is the Fish Hawk transducer mounted outside of the Fish Finder transducer? He also said that if the FH worked at 90', it should work down deeper. If there's interference, it will be constant. And, "The transducer should be essentially level with the surface of the water and flush with the bottom of the boat. The elements inside the transducer and probe are pre-tilted to compensate for blowback. My suspicion is that as the probe pulls back further we are trying to send the signal through your propwash which is scrambling it up." Then he asked for a picture to confirm his suspicions. My problem was not following the instructions.


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  2. My family was giving me BassPro gift cards for birthdays and such and I was saving them for a Fish Hawk. Then I found out there was a newer X4D, so thinking why buy the X4 when the X4D is available, I waited and tried to buy it from BassPro. But for some reason, I couldn't, even though they do sell the X4? I finally broke down and bought the X4D from a local shop at Point Breeze and I'm glad I bought the newer version. I watched the ball raise and lower a foot or so when I'd turn or the currents were strong. I was using 12 lb balls and always had 20' of blowback. At one point I noticed the temp drop 4 degrees when the ball dropped a foot on a turn. I also noticed the balls on my FF but they were a consistent 15' lower than the probe was registering? I'll be using 14 lb'ers from now on.

  3. For those using Penn's, here's an awesome store that has almost every part you'll need. I was ordering drag washers, dogs and various other parts my reels needed right after Hurricane Sandy hit and they were hit hard. Great people and great service. Penn only though. Check out the Self Repair Tips link for some tutorials also.



  4. When I installed the triducer, I followed the instructions exactly as they were written. The triducer was positioned with the bottom flush or level if you will, with the water surface. Then I stood back and admired my handiwork and noticed that I had tilted the FF transducer down or back to get those hooks to show up as fish. I should have stopped right there but being a dummy, I figured I'd tilt the FH triducer the same way. That was what screwed up the readings for me. Follow the instructions and increase the gain or sensitivity if need be. Good luck.

  5. Awesome buckboard, I'll be curious to hear your results. I have 10 EBay Penns myself and really enjoy servicing them in the off season. After I took them apart, I threw the brass parts in a tumbler and with a suggestion my brother in law gave me, I bought a bottle of Wipe New as seen on TV. I never would have bought something so gimmicky but I trust my B-i-L's opinion. This is what it did to my graphite reels, before and after.











  6. I couldn't find a tutorial for your reel but when I did my Penns, I had a heck of a time getting the dog and spring to stay on the threaded screw that holds the springs, yoke and bridgeplate together. There are 4 screws on the handle side plate and it wasn't until someone suggested taping them from the outside, did I find it easy. Look around Tani's site for Daiwa tutorials, there are some for different reels, maybe one of them is similar?


    Nessie Hunter claims the Daiwa SG47LCA is basically a Sealine 50 and provides a link for that tutorial. The 12th picture down in the tutorial shows the repairman covering those screws I was referring too with his fingers. Tape frees up your hands. Hope it helps



  7. I'll be interested in your thoughts after trying your reels both ways. This wet vs dry debate has been going on for a long time and I'm not trying to change anyone's mind, I'm just trying to shed a little light as to why those who do grease their drags do so. Some might recognize the name Jack Erskine, an Australian fisherman recently inducted into the IGFA Hall of Fame. Here's what he has to say about Cal's and greased drags.. And there's a pretty good vid on the profile page for those interested. Being a Penn guy at heart, I've always admired Jack Eskine



  8. Alan Tani prefers greased drags because of the work Cal Sheets has done on the wet versus dry issue. These experts claim more big fish are lost because of sticky drags at start up. In this 2008 post (he's been greasing drags for a long time as do most of the professional reel repairmen on his site), he discusses the wet vs dry thing and also explains how to test your drag for start up.



  9. Blood Run's website says it's 30 lb test wire has an .015 inch diameter. The 2nd chart down on this Mels-Place website has line diameter's for all the popular Trilene Big Game monofilament lines. Blood Run's wire has the same diameter as Big Games 15 lb test if this chart is accurate. Of course nothing beats advice from those who have already done it such as the posters above.



  10. Sell the truck, buy a $1500 beater, live at home and for the next five years save every penny you make. You're going to want to relax that later part in life and that first part is almost over. Work hard now so you can have that 25' walk around when you retire. My 2 cents and I wish I had listened when given this advice.

  11. Mine were new last season and during our second trip, the lever you pull out to swivel the base, just broke in my hand as I tried to swivel the rigger. Cannon replaced the base under warranty. Two weeks ago checking before a trip, my son noticed one with a big crack across the face so I checked the next one and the lever disintegrated in my hand. Cannon sent me four new carbon fiber bases so time will tell. I do love their riggers though.

  12. This is my favorite Chautauqua Crankbait though, by Zach Baker. I love how he signs and dates his crankbaits. My son has told me that everytime he looks at that bait, he remembers his Uncle Cliff telling him the story about me catching a Chautauqua Musky on it. A memory he'll have long after I'm gone. Thank you Zach!







  13. I tried to duplicate what you'd report that day and spooled up a couple of Penn 340's with 60 lb test Mason leadcore. I think I went with 50 lb Seaguar leader because I had it in the box but will definitely take your advice and use 80 from now on. Your reports were great and for example, you'd report putting out 4 1/2 colors at 4.0 mph, using a 5 1/2" jtd Wiley in perch color. We'd just do what you'd report and we'd catch fish. I remember watching a pontoon boat follow your boat around and film for espn i think?

  14. Keep an eye on the low profile swivel bases. Three of four broke on me, one last year, two this year. I love the riggers but watch those bases closely. Cannon did send me four new carbon fiber bases and claim the new carbon fiber is much stronger than the lexan bases that came with my mag 10's. Those riggers scream!

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