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  1. Larry Jones website taught me what I needed to know about fishing Chautauqua for musky. Unlike wire, braid or mono, leadcore follows the path of the boat, snaking through the water as it's trolled. With DownEast rod holders and your tips in the water, you can manuever the boat around those floating weeds. He's a great guy and with the knowledge he shares on his website, we've been successful the first and each time we've fished it. Baker, Wiley and Legend Perchbaits crankbaits on leadcore and 50 lb floro leader trolled fast, 3-3.5 mph.

  2. My Mag 10 manual states


    The use of vinyl coated lead weights is recommended


    Use the trolling weight insulators supplied with your downrigger. This insulates your weight from the positive charge on the cable. This will also ensure that the trolling weight will stop at water level when retrieved.


    The cable on your downrigger should be replaced every two years. Etching of the cable can weaken it physically and electrically.


    In salt water, make sure the sacrificial zincs anodes are replaced when half dissolved. This ensures that the boat will run with a neutral or slightly positive charge. Clean zincs on a regular basis with a non corrosive brush.


    Always make sure the boat is properly grounded to the water. This will help ensure proper PIC voltage on the cable and that the short stop will function properly.


    Good Luck

  3. I wanted to mount a board across the gunnels but my oldest didn't like the idea. He suggested running them up the sides so we can try to run four riggers. The gunnels are wide, 11" with rod lockers which prohibit me from mounting tracks. I tried the built in Versa Track with rigger mounts and that was a waste of time and money. Dukdog suggested speed rail for the stanchions and I'm glad I listened to him. The boards are 8/4 white oak and I backed them with 6x6" 3/16 stainless plates. Set screws in the flanges unscrew to remove the boards for trailering and when the boat is covered. I'm close to 300 lbs, ok, I am 300 lbs and I was standing right in the middle of the board last week while we were tied to the dock. Thank you Dukdog!




  4. Hi all, sorry for not responding earlier, I just returned from a week of fishing out of Oak Orchard Creek last week. I think I resolved the issue as the Fish Hawk X4D performed flawlessly. Initially, I installed the triducer as per the instructions but because I had to tilt the Fish Finder transducer down or forward a bit to get the diagonal lines representing fish to turn into those upside down bananas or hooks that we see on our Fish Finders, I figured I should tilt that FH triducer in the same way. I'm not sure but I think with 20 or more feet of blowback, the probe was out of the triducer's range. So before I launched, I tilted it back to where it was when we installed it and it seemed to work fine. Now if I had just followed the instructions to begin with,....Dummy!


    About a month ago, we fished the same area and I bought a FH TD, found 50 degrees up high, fished it and caught a few small Kings. Went out the next day, attached it to the ball and then watched the cable break and our brand new TD, a 14 lb ball, brand new Chamberlain Release and the Cannon Short Stop sink to the bottom. I went back to Narby's and bought the FH X4D. 


    Yesterday, my son pulled his IPhone out of his pocket, fumbled it and dropped it overboard. Fishing was tough last week but we caught a few and a nice 10 lb Brown brought a smile to his face after losing his phone.


    Thank you all for helping...I love this place!

  5. I just installed a Fish Hawk triducer and because I have a kicker, I had to mount it on the same side as my FF transducer. It worked great until I hit deeper water and lowered the probe, then the readings were all screwed up. I'm thinking that perhaps the angle of the triducer is wrong and blowback is causing the probe to be too far back and out of range for the triducer to read? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  6. I've read good things about the older Convector CV 30L's. Most of the internal parts are stainless steel which will last forever. But they do sneak in two of four cheaper, non carbon fiber drag washers which doesn't make sense to me since they upgraded most of the reel from brass to stainless.

  7. I really worry about losing a bearing on the highway so I bought a spare hub with bearings installed, mounted it on the spare tire and now if I lose a bearing, it's as simple as changing a tire. And I didn't realize you could overfill a bearing...thanks for that info, I'll keep an eye on that center disk from now on.

  8. Another thing to remember is to keep that line guide in sync with the line as it's rolling on or off the spool. Should the line guide end up on the right end of the spool but the line is coming off the spool from the left, a tremendous amount of stress is put on that tiny pawl that rides in the worm gear. Typically, this happens when the line is reeled completely through the guide and onto the reel. A few cranks of the handle and you're out of sync. If it's a 309M, here's the replacement part, should you need one.



  9. rolmops


    Kayman Charters website has mentioned stories about some guys having 1000 lb days. Perhaps your glow stick method was a factor and I wouldn't hesitate to use them cod fishing. We tape them to the tip of our surfcasters so we can see them fishing stripers at night from the surf.


    The last time I went out, I noticed the haddock were being caught with a 1/2 turn of the reel off the bottom and cod with a couple of turns off the bottom. Does a couple of inches matter? I can't say for sure but that's what we were doing that day.


    You guys have me drooling...cod fish cakes, cod fish chowder and fish and chips, mmm.

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