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  1. I have had very good performance with the Honda's. Both as main motor and kicker. I agree with Sk8man in that most of the newer four strokes are good engines. Having a local reputable dealer would be a main consideration. 

  2. I have had both units over the years. This is my third season with iTroll. No problems at all. I do not use the steering mode. Have the Hunt Mode but haven't had or taken the time to read up on how to use it. When I was considering purchase of the iTroll, I spoke with Joel at Innova Design (manufacturer) on the phone. He will spend as much time as you need to answer all your questions. 

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  3. 16 hours ago, pjprod said:

    Itroll hands down!! Worth the little extra money compared to other brands and the servo can be purchased and very easily replaced if that should ever fail. Going on 2 years with 0 issues. Checkout itroll.com. 

    x2 :yes:

  4. Fort Niagara Launch Improvements 2/4/2017

    Here are some pics from Fort Niagara Launch today:

    Standing at north ramp looking toward south ramp.

    All the posts are in for the floating docks:



    View looking north at north ramp:



    Sign explaining the project. I took individual closeups of this sign to make it easier to read.

    The closeups follow this picture:









    Countdown to Spring 2017 :) 

  5. (4) Traxstech Adjustable Rod Holders (RRH-230). New, never used, still in package. $65.00 each. Will sell individually or as a group. 


    Reason for selling - I found that my top, when folded down, would ride on the pull-pins of the rod holders. Will have to go with the lift and turn style instead.


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