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  1. Out of Sandy Creek, Hamlin.    Not 10 minutes after we hit the lake the fog showed up.    Made things interesting for sure.    Thank you GPS and compass.


    Landed 4 Browns (lost another at the boat) and the King within an hour.    The King managed to make enough of a mess that we pulled the gear to sort it out.

    Good thing....not 2 minutes later another boat appeared in the fog and we were able to turn and scoot out of the way without messing up their set up.  


    We called it a day after that one.   No need to push the luck crossing someone else's path.   Turns out there were at least 6 other boats out there based on the trailers in the lot.


    Water was nice and green.   Temp was 46 or so.    All fish hit between 10 and 20 FOW.   2nd pic gives a good sense of just how thick the fog was.   In hindsight, we probably should have just 

    turned around and headed home due to the fog..



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  2. When folks talk about a clip to keep your deep bellied net nice and tight I think they mean something like this?     I use a release to gather all the slack in the net so that when you go to net

    from head first it doesn't "bloom" out in front and screw you up royally.         The clip lets the excess release as soon as you put some of the fish's weight on the bottom of the net.


    No photo description available.

  3. On 7/9/2017 at 5:30 PM, Sea Lion said:

    12 lb Cannonball Wanted

    Hi Gang,

          Made another donation to Lake Ontario today on the maiden voyage of the Sea Lion.  Wanted to get a temp so I attached my Moor Sub Troll to my rigger with the breakaway cable holding the 12 lb ball.  I can tell you the break away worked.  Going 30 seconds on a troll when I saw the rigger wire go limp.   GRRRRRR!  Happy though it was the break away and not my sending unit. Anyhoot, now in need of a normal 12lb round cannonball.  I live in Penfield but don't want to go too far out of the area.  







    I have to ask...how on earth did you snag the ball?   Were you bottom bouncing?   If you were, pretty risky doing that with the sub troll probe attached!    


  4. 3X with the Moor Klincher kit.     As for a snubber between the probe and ball.....wha!?


    The moor sub troll should have come with an (I think it's 80 pounds) breakaway leader kit that you use to attach the cannon ball to the probe.


    That way if you snag the ball, the breakaway gives before the 150 pound coated line breaks.


    Although Moor went out of business, you can still get spare parts, (and the breakaway system) here...




    Scroll down, and you will find the 80 pound break away set up.   Also, that Moor Klincher is only $10 on this site as well.


  5. If you like fish that tastes like fish (I've never understood Tilapia....why eat something that isn't supposed to actually taste like fish)  Lakers are pretty good.    


    Smoked is a great way to utilize them as well.    


    If I listed my preferences however, it would be Browns, Steelhead, Salmon, Lakers.   They do run towards the strong side.    The meat however is not noticeably different

    than the others imho.

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