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  1. Just now, guffins fisherman said:
    5 hours ago, piscataquis said:
    Sorry I did mean to start this conversation. A guy was requesting info for the trench. Figured Saiff Charters would be the people to ask. Sorry for the mess it stirred up 

    No need to be sorry. I hope you found what you were looking for. The Bill Saiff is very knowledgeable in those parts and can be one of many great resources in the Henderson area.

    He taught a friend and I a lot about fishing the trench and the shipping lanes

  2. On 9/23/2018 at 10:26 AM, duketroll said:

    will make excellent great lakes fishing boat  ... includes nice trailer ... 2 mercruiser 4 cyl. iron dukes with outdrives running ... nice  interior  ... transom removed for replacement  ... have paperwork for boat and trailer ... $750 takes it all ... this will make nice project for someone ... parts and trailer worth asking price!!!       need gone no time to finish MAKE OFFER !!! please call  RICK  585-520-6727   located in hamlin ,ny 14470


  3. Got a question about the J-plugs. This is my first year fiahing Lake Ontario. Been a good year (for a rookie) so far but i know its gonna get better.  I’m from pa so only get up for 1-2weekends a month.  I got one hell of a J-plug collection but never used one yet.  All spoons n flies. How do I present the J-plug?  Behind 8” flasher, or bigger flasher? Or by itself? And color flasher if so. Do i try to match flasher color to J-plug?  Any help from you guys is much appreciated 

    Silver red face 10-15 off the ball

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  4. I agree. Read and Re-Read. I was hurrying and missed the will not recieve anything. Thanks. Just trying to pack and prepare to head out. 10 hour ride here we go.

    I got it thanks and sorry to have wasted your time


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