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  1. Hey guys i just picked up a new lowrance hds7 which came with both ducers the 83/200 and the 50/200.

    I mainly fish lake o, Huron, and erie trolling.


    Lookin for some advice from the experts on here as to what one would be best. and or what are most of you running??


    Thanks so much!!


  2. After much research and humming around i have came down to between the humminbird 858 and the elite 7 hdi


    can anyone recomned one over the other? I mainly fish the great lakes (trolling).. How deep does the down scan work?


    Im leaning towards the elite 7 but i would like some input from you guys

  3. Hey guys once again i am looking to expand on my spoon collection.

    I was wonder what size of spoons is most common, something in the 3.75 ? or the mags 4.75??

    i guess in a perferct world i would get each colour in both sizes but if i was to get just one size what would you recomend

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