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  1. For Sale: Used King AP2000 Auto Pilot in excellent condition. Previous owner had this unit refurbished in 2016 at a cost of 545.00. Selling auto pilot for $300.00 shipped in US. Price is firm and listed locally.
  2. Troubles,

    Can you tie me some double octupus rigs with a 5/0 up front and a 4/0 on the back? Just like it better that way.

    If so how much? I could use a dozen or so with beads.



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    2. propreach


      Al Lamos

      46 Lamoille View Dr

      Johnson, VT 05656



    3. troubles


      PayPal is

      [email protected]



    4. troubles


      Got your payment Al.

      mail tomorrow. Thanks

  3. I will take lot #4 if they are still available. pm sent.
  4. Thanks Nick! Gone mine yesterday and it was great to talk with you. Good luck on the Grady!
  5. Do you know the hours on the motor?

    Is there any soft spots in the floor or transom?

    Has there been any work done on the motor or outdrive in the past few years?

    Thanks, propreach

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