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  1. Congrats on all the great bucks harvested. Stuff happens fast in the tree and I don't like guessing, I shoot 3 pins. Ther is so many things that have to align to successfully take a deer with the bow, I try to eliminate as many as possible. When I bought my used bow it came with trophy take sight with verticle pins. I absolutely love it, keeps the whole sight window open. It also came with a drop away rest that captures the arrow with calipers on rest. not sure of brand. Love  that. I messed up on the biggest buc I ever had on me in bow range wen me arrow fell off rest with the trophy taker, was a one in a million thing, but it happened. Good luck! keep pileing them up

  2. I shoot 50 pound draw weight and always have. I shoot thunder heads for over 15 yrs, and they drop deer like my buddy plow drops kings on the disey rod.( like a bad habbit.) As long as bow is properly set up they shoot like field points, Phil convincened me to shoot the stingers and the next 2 deer I let an arrow fly on I was unable to recover, one was a mature buck.  Just my personal experience, I switched back to old faithfull and have never looked back!

  3. Matt ur able to skip ur anniversary every year for our walleye trip, then last yr would have been ur fisrst one to be home and we decided to stay an extra day. She aint left yet. Or tell her I need help tracking one early morning bfore the yotes get it, it worked in the past. Maybe we work out a deal an I watch the kids.

  4. Its defiantly primetime in monroe county. Harvested my biggest buck to date. 150 class ten pt. Field dressed at 194 lbs. Lured email in with some esterous beats an grunts. Called in 2 small buc yestetday afternon an they literly came runnin in. Budy on way over to hang his first bow buck to. Bout to head out an have a cup of coffee wit my buck!! Wil post pics wen I figure out how to do so. Good luck to all in the field!!

  5. I took my kids down to the archers club at oak orchard, Saturday morning and in 2 hrs we only seen 3 fish hooked and no fish running. Then we stoped at the fish cleaning station up by the dam and nada person or fish there. Last yr the place was packed and at the archers club seen many fish running. And yes it was our worst king bite that i can remember on the big o. Jst my observations. I don't belive a WORD the dec or our government tells us.

  6. Thanks for the input, still trying to decide, I have had great luck with the thunder heads. A 6 pack of heads last me many seasons. I like the fact that I can shoot multiple deer with the same broad head, chisel point and blade removal for gently resharp or replace. Yea I am cutting it close, season knocking on our door!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for comments, After running 3 trail cams on the property we hunt ther are definatly some nice deer down there. We have 3 or 4 shooters on cam, 3 different black bears and a bunch of nice 2nd rack up an commers. In the particular area I am huntin it is loaded with deer. several large property owners and its off the beaten path so to speak. The area is posted up very tight  and the locals are aware of that. my hunting partner lives by the property and the dec was patrolling the area last year due to poaching complaints. Yes the big woods has a different feel compared to the lakeshore area I am hunting. It is definatly much more changeling to locate those buck travel routes, they are much more suddle.  Last yr I took a 8 with bow and a 11 with rifle and seen many more bucks after I was tagged out. For years I wouldn't leave my propertys arnd the lake, but last season definatly opened my eyes to what we have down there. There is a awesome feeling when you know u are the only hunter in the woods for miles, Much less pressure compared to my other propertys. Now I jst gota time my presence right for the rut now that we have pinned down some buck travel routes. Good luck to all this season!!!!

  8. Bought a used Mathews reezen in the spring, and I am woundering what other people use for fixed blade broad heads out of a speed bow? Well that what they call it. I have always shot thunder heads out of my old (slow) low end reflex. They don't seem to fly as good as I would like out of new bow. Just trying to see what others would recommend. Thanks

  9. Well looks like your rite back in the saddle where you left off! Yea we did well in late November one year, not a boat on the water all day. Would love to do it again, if I could only tag out again. Sometimes we as hunters set the bar to high for ourselves. Hit me up if you got a open seat, I will be ther!!! I haven't benn walleye fishing in 3 weeks, got the hunting itch and I kinda have a treestand fetish.

  10. yea I have hunted western Monroe county for 15 yrs or so, the numbers are at a all time low. Yet they handing out tags left and right. Where I hunt in stuben county the deer numbers are astonishing, 10 to 20 deer a sit, like it use to be in Monroe. and I got denied for my second tag down ther. Realy??? I personaly will not take a doe in Monroe county until I see the numbers come back. They need to talk to guys that actually sit in a tree more than just a sat morning and then talk about it the rest of the time drinkin coffe. What do we realy expect its nys politics. change to saturday opener, earlier season start,  cross bow, early muzzle = $$$$$ = better state pensions, Whats next????????

     Wow is this whole stuff getin out of control.

  11. I have recently been hunting more down at my camp, wich is located in Whitesville. Pretty much where Allegany/ stuben and the pa line all meet. I am curious of the quality of mature bucks located in those areas, it took me a few seasons to locate them but last yr was a decent year. Are most mature bucks down that way in the 100 to 120 in range? we do got agriculture in the area in form of  corn,clover ect.  Just kinda curious.I know the state record was shot down that way, but that was a long time ago. I am spoiled with the quality bucks along the lakeshore, so I am tryin to decide where to spend most time perched in a tree.

  12. I am past the itch now I am scratching away!!!! I am lucky to have a camp in stueben county so atleast I can still buck hunt the first two weeks. WTF I am gona have to stay out my lakeshore hunting properties to not pressure the bucks. I sacrifice buck quality for quality of the overall hunt while huntin down their, but well worth it!!!!!

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