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  1. Yea i belive that the fishing has defintly gone south. The word has got out about ice fishing. In the north country there are alot of locals that live off the land. I spoke to a guy that claimed not to be a fisherman but said that he kept 35 eyes this winter betwen 7 an 13 lbs out of those bays. He said that he's planin on hitin it a lot harder this year. :doh:  Sad to say that some locals abuse the waters up their and profit from them, I have family up there and they have admited to fishing some of the small lakes dam near rite out. Shame on them! Not all norherers are like that. IT would be great if the dec would stock some walleys, they seem to stock many small waters around the state. Over the years i have seen less and less visitors up that way and the local economies are showin that. I agree that if you "sportsman" fish that water weekly they shouldn't be keeping all the eyes they catch. Wen i start taking my children fishing up ther will they realy wana go back fishin with dad if all we do is wash lures. I mite have to takem to erie and spend my money their. They seem to have things under control with their walleye program.

  2. launched at 430 am and tried the wind  mills for an hour or so, lots of bass. Picked up and headed to meyers reef area, lots of boat traffic and some good marks , but nothing would go for us. we ran up to 11 rods jets,dipsey, lead,riggers an harneses but nada. At 11 i decided to pick up and try around seneca, since we drove an hour an a half to get there we needed at least 1 walleye. What a good choice we made, first pass pikd one up and managed 6 eyes up to 6 lbs in a few passes and then they went dead. 4  jets and 2 on riggers. They seemed to like 2.0 speed. Fished till 4 an finaly said enough. Always great to be on erie, Cant wait til next time and hopefully locate fish a little quicker. We i got home i seen fitz report of arnd departure bouy. Wish i seen it sooner lol.

  3. Planin on headin to erie this weekend if mother nature allows. I am planin on launchin out of small boat harbor, havnt been to erie in 2 yrs. Thats what happen wen u have kids. Probly start in around 30 fow around senca shoal and troll s/w. Any info would be great. Thanks

  4. Your best bet for the eyes is to launch at the ismus and fish any where from the head of point peninsula to fox and granideir islands. The fishing has been tough to say the least, but if your a trophy eye hunter, its hard to beat those waters. Your lucky to get 1 or 2 fish but your knees will be knocking wen it surfaces. Good Luc and let me kno how u do.

  5. Yea been a tough year. Couple of rouge kings but our bite has been mainly lakers and a few steelhead. best luc with lakers was runnin tackle rite on bottom from 80 - 100fow. Even brown bite was slower than normal. We been spoiled the last few years. A sensitive fishery, a bad year or two for the juvies could realy mess the lake up? We fish out of sandy. Walleye biter in the golden cresent has been tough also. Fishin can only get better! Sure beats work

  6. Got on the water around 630 and decided to head toward the nose. Been fishing straight out front and west with little sucess on the silvers but non stop on the lakers so figured try some where diffrent.  Droped down in 125 fow and headed n/w. Took to guys from work out and neither had been on the big lake fishing so i wasnt sure what to expect. When the first rod fired i knew we had a nice king and haned the rod off to my budy, after some deminstation on the dipsey rod that wasnt doin muc, he was on his way to landing his first king which was a nice one arnd 15lbs. Re- set the rigger and got us turned back around to make another pass and wen we got to our way point BAM we got us a ripper. After a long battle the fish surfaced and we it was as big as i had thought. Wen the fish hit the deck the guys couldnt belive ther were bigger fish than the first one. That one was arnd 25, Droped my new digital scale in the water walleye fshin, opps. The best fish out of the bettie anne 3 so far,  The last fish of the day was arnd a 5lb king. Bac on the trailor by 12. The same rod took all 3 fish 75 down over 215 fow. Cant wait to get out on our wednesday nite fish wit the boys.



  7. Great job! Thats a good day of walleye fishin in the golden cresnt. We fished 3 days and only caught 5 eyes. We fished from the head to the state park. Marked alot of fish and bait but jst couldnt get the rod to do muc. But i will take 5 eyes over 50 salmon anyday and that place sure beats trolling the plain south shore of lake o.

  8. Hello, I am in need of a good out board mechanic around the rochester area. I have a 1995 johnson V4 120 that i have been haveing issues with. I have brought it to a mechanic that charged me $ 350 ( took 2 months) and it still has the same problem. I brought the boat back to them again , they said they fixed it but stil has same problem. The issue is that any thing bellow 2500 rpm it sounds real rough, bearly stays running. almost like its missing a cyclinder. Seems perfectly fine while motoring. Can any one recomend a mechanic? Or something to try? Thanks

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