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  1. Justtracy - thanks for the knowledge and covering it so throughly. When I try new things I typically am second guessing every little aspect. When I get those swim baits in the mail and tie one on I will be tying them on with confidence of the complete set up due to your advice! I know what works at one place may not at others but I fish multiple places and sure it will at one of them. Fisherman21- nice fish! Way to get er done

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  2. Yankee- I have a lowrance hds gen 1. Not sure of frequency. Will check tonite after work. Earl- I will get pics later and post. Thanks for help on this. I have been fishing for years with out a decent graph.. had a Eagle with a screen that was 3 inc. so I been looking forward to upgradeing and would like to get the most out of it I can. Purchased on this site from a great member who upgraded!

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  3. Fished out of small boat harbor, had a decent walleye chop when we started but laid down through the day. Fished from south gap to smokes, managed 1 eye and a bunch of bass that kept kids busy... funny watching 3 boys try to figure out who’s turn to real or net. There were several hits to the head with the handle as they monkeyed around reeling and netting. 🤣 only 1 way to learn... Erie had trophy bass season so we kept 1 for table fare. After limited success for targeted species we decided to fish lake o on sunday and managed kings and lakers.. all in all it worked out and we had fun as well as got a few fish! FYI... boat is under construction 😂F7656266-9707-44A0-81C1-2AB2EAA69401.thumb.jpeg.5a3fd907d442a19f69be66fbb160425e.jpeg32747916-C9EC-4259-97EE-ABB8445928B8.thumb.jpeg.8ea50a7583c5346e0ad994699f51c982.jpeg66003AC8-C836-4856-BAD4-A7AE967485E0.thumb.jpeg.3fdb1f173d6fbbdb17c66fc0a2bbcbd5.jpegCE48AAD0-60B8-4BE1-A741-01F374FC58F2.thumb.jpeg.33ab0616684a96df2c60a86883696f8e.jpegB8FA7584-CF6D-4467-8316-FE6E465A9A33.thumb.jpeg.267b266b190ecd2e7b138e40b8c3e8f3.jpeg


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  4. Thank you all for the replies! Have fished lake Alice quite a bit with very limited success.. have fished conessus but only at night. Hopeing to find day bite.. most likely will be doing the river or Erie, but still a little confused🤦🏻‍♂️Justtracy- thank you for all your knowledge you posted as well as willing to help us out!! If I make it down that way one of these days I will be getting in touch.

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  5. I have gone up to chamount bay with my father and more recently my son for 20 yrs. unfortunately due to this covid situation we are staying close t o home. With that said I have never fished locally for walleyes this early in the season. I live in Kendall. My son asked me dad where are we fishing Saturday for the opener. I said I don’t know as of yet. Can any one help us out with some info as to where we can possibly fish?? Do they catch walleye this early outa buffalo during daylight hours? Any help would be much appreciated. You can pm . Thanks !



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  6. I take my 8 year old son fly fishing when I can, it is something he wanted to do and I support him. I typically make a few cast with my spinning rod as I watch my son learn to fly fish.... we have meet some great people along our journeys as well as many with the personality as a rock... I took my nephew who is 13 and my son 2 weeks ago to sandy, west fork and there were guys literly standing in the water holding "there spot" just standing there with no rod in hand.. therefore blocking future generation s of fisherman to acess the spot.... REALLY.... was sad to see that happening... lucky I dont have wadders like my son does or I de been in there bumping shoulders with the guy... very sad as I read this post as well as eye witnessed what happens in the field.... scary what the future holds in OUR sport, also very few kids out there from what I have seen
    ... we have yet to land a fish since the salmon run. But we have had fun trying, I tell my son how sucess is not derived from harvests... memories

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