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  1. I am posting this for a buddy, he has flesh eating beatles and will do your european mount  for $50. Located in spencerport , he has done several for me and they turn out fabulous. Lightly bleached after the beatels have ther way with it. Does all game and can acomidate large annimals such as elk.  Call him with anyother questions. Steve  585-352-4676 he works nites so you may have to leave a message. i currently have 3 game skulls at his place so mention this add so i can get a discont, LOL

  2. Looking to see if there is anyone interested in trapping beaver in the kendall area. I have a buddy that has a 5 acre pond and is hopeing to get them removed. Started with 2  a few years ago and now outa control, destroying his property. i dont know the regulations and they would need to be followed,  just trying to see if anyone interested. I would also be possibly interested in taging along to try and learn the technique. Thanks

  3. Yes i agree, some in heat for sure. i have had my best luck seeing mature deer on their feet in day light from oct 25 - 30th. The bucks with age class on them have gone through the rut multiple times and so they are aware that some will go into heat early. Look at the bucs harvested in previous posts around those dates, and a buddy got that big one i passed the 28th,( proly go 135 as a 8, opps i may have mis juged em) wich is the date i killed my buck last year.As those  first racked bucks are runing around crazy the matures are taking there time and mythodicaly scent checking the does. That the time frame on my perticular property as observed over the lst 15 yrs, like stated above every block of land is little difrent based on age class stucture and numbers of deer. Headed to camp at noon down in steuben county, place been sitin dormant for 3 weeks so should be hot! Then back up to 8a to get onto my best spots that have yet to be tampered with, hopefully, lol. Ben holding out so that i stiill have my buck tag for this 5 day hunt at camp, got alot of time into the land with plots, stand ect to not give it a good go with a buck tag still in my pocket.wil be off the grid for a little bit, so good luck to all.

  4. Seen first mature deer tuesday, was on his feet well before dark. Let em walk. Sen around 20 deer couple small bucks harasing the doe and then he steped out and put on a great show of his dominance. Hate useing tag to early due to the love of the hunt. Was staying outa my prime spot till go time, and headed back into another today as long as wind direction is correct. I typicaly only see my biggest deer on my first sit of the year in that particular stand. so on to a fresh one today!!

  5. I would agree, know your limitations, distances, angels,ect ect. Lots of things have to come together to make it happen with a bow.  Bow hunting is all most unethical with a bow in the wrong persons hands. I almost get sick every year with the stories of wounded buck. Not much respect for the animal. Guess the same goes with gun. Plan on hunting ag in the pm gona stay way clear of it in the mourning,  don't wana bump old south paw! What a difference ohio dnr is compared to ny dec, They plant food just for deer and our dec kills all our deer with nusence tags and then charges us for a license while the farmers are getting the tax breaks. Cant argue that we need the food but there has to be a middle ground.  

  6. Congrats bro!!! u deserved that fish, next time let me know when your snapping pics and I will get the bettie a little closer! Was a hot bite rite their, I am still frustrated that I lost our big one that nite. The kids were goin crazy when it was rippin line, but they were happy with the lakers, well until they seen a mature king hit :doh: Guess will have to try again

  7. Not much to report at lake alice. Last I was aware they haven't stocked lake alice since the late 90's. Where did you read the stocking info? Spent a lot of time with very little to show for it, hard place to figure out when you cant get any thing to fire.  Better fishing in Irondequoit.

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