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  1. I recived a call last nite that a dear friend for the last 4 seasons had moved on. It is in a better place, firmly imbeaded into the corner of a kings mouth!!!!  A reward will be offered for the return of the slammer, swimming some where around devils nose. It is a nk 28 with 3 dots, the rest is top secret!!!!  lol please send pics for verification to recive the reward. It will be paid by the fellow who lost it.. A go fund me account has been started in its honor!!!!!

  2. wow, is that actualy legal? A guy on my boat asked me that question sat nite on erie. I said I dout it a day on the water is a 24 hr spand and I thought the law was actually what is in your possession.

  3. Nice!!!! I wont get back to erie till after the holiday weekend. Goin to camp with the fam. Hope the nite bite is still on then. Something about the nite bite that's makes being on the water special and looking over at the city and canda ect. Saweet set up with the harbor and the fish cleaning station was open at 230 am.  wish was a lil closer for me. Lake Ontario is pretty sad compared to erie with boat acess and the fishing is un real. Great variety of species to pursue!!!!

  4. Fished outa small boat harbor, Fished from 7 to 2 am. Caught bunch of bass during day, first eye didn't hit the net till 930. Once we found em and figured out baits it was a fairly steady pic. Plan was to fish til one, but they realy turned on rite bout then. Woulda stayed later but we got cut off by some guy flat linein on his sun boat and ended up with his line in my kicker prop. ( Pretty muc combat trolling out ther) Big motor to noisey and a lil fast to troll with so called it a nite. Fished 8 to 12 fow. All on sticks. I am aware ther is a erie site now but ther is a huge difference between most Ontario fisherman and erie guys. On erie its hard to even make eye contact with guys at the dock, or what, whats a walleye. lol Did manage to hit a fresh road kill on the thruway and woke up sunday to a blood and gut cover boat.

  5. Fished the oak from 630 to 830. bunch lakers on cowbells and a small steelie on the 3 color. Fished 90 to 110 fow, Graph  was blank the whole nite. Wire rods didn't get touched tried a few difrent spinys and flys.  Was good to slip the net under some fish after 3 days of tuff walleye fishing in chamount. ( about a eye for 5 hrs of trolling) Was a beautiful evening and lots of action.

  6. I have given it I try out in front of the fort with no luck. I have been asking that question for years, lol. The only thing I have heard is there are some in the river. I have read articles about trophy size fish coming outa the Niagara but  verbaly haven't heard much. I have asked several charter captains over the years but didn't get muc back. Give it a try, they gota be there some where. I just wasn't abel to locate them. Think its kept pretty quiet

  7. Good luck to all, yes better than opening day of deer season, no posted signs and all can play where ever!!! Should be good, anytime on the water up there is good! Be up Friday til Monday. Last yr, sat.  launched at 6 am and didn't get off the water till 11pm. Only a few trips a year without the wife and kids where I am able to do that. Hope the opener aint on mothers day next year also. If so she will get over it!!! Weather looking good for sat, sunday a lil soggy. Boats loaded and ready to troll!!!!  Some tuff bites but beautiful eyes!!!

  8. Fished from 7 to 35 fow, had 2 hits and no one home. Water was gin clear but the boat is all set for the walleye opener and had a good time, was nice to have a good 2nd shake down. 1st one didn't go so good. Be back out this weekend, hope for some better water on the inside. When water is that clear do u stay out in deeper water and run ur baits still high? I always seem to struggle when water that clear.

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