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  1. Well I pity the ignorance of your local leadership. After the terrible disaster that struck NY City in the beginning of the pandemic, governor Cuomo was on the news every day. His leadership and full taking of responsibility for the measures that had to be taken, (unlike another leader who just lied about it while knowing the truth), with the full cooperation of most New Yorkers, helped NY State from being the worst hit state in the union into the state with the lowest transmission rate in the Union.(less than one percent). Why don't you stick that in your pipe and smoke it, while you stay in Ohio. We believe in freedom, but not in stupidity.

    That other leader sent you a ship and built a hospital in Central Park. He was praised daily by your governor (I watched it every day!) and yet he sent only 21 patients to the ship while sending those known with COVID to nursing homes...we didn’t do that in Ohio. So please, let’s do talk about ignorance....

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  2. As long as it is in May, you should be good. Bring riggers, dipsys/slide divers, short copper or leadcores. Mostly a spoon bite but you can catch some on sticks, flasher/flies, and meat. 

    Thanks...I’m good for everything but copper, I’ve never used it.

    I’m currently reading Dan Keating’s book on Great Lakes Salmon & Trout strategies and I’m guessing he’ll be addressing copper in there somewhere. Given that, and knowing me, I’ll be ready for it by May.

    Anyway, thanks for the info! Have a great winter!

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  3. Sorry you can't make the trip, not sure what science is behind the travel ban list, hopefully you can get up here in the spring and end enjoy the fishery. Hopefully by then you'll be able to go into one of the fine establishments we have up here without the scientific rule of food with your drink. West end in the spring can be epic fishing. Can give you the names of couple of places you can stay. 

    Thanks, Charlie!

    I’ll try to stay at Lakeview in Tonawanda as I’ve stayed there before and know the proprietors...nice people!

    Anyway, when you suggested May, is there a temp, water or air, that you’d suggest I look for before heading up. If not, perhaps you could drop me a line, or better yet, I’ll pm you with my number, and maybe a couple/ three weeks ahead you can tell me to get my butt up there!

    Many thanks!

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  4. x2

    If you have a question on fishing, ask a fisherman; if you have a medical question, ask a doctor; if you have a question on science, ask a scientist. None of us would like to be told by someone who doesn't know anything about our specialty, how to do our job. Why should we think a politician knows about a medical or science issue more than a doctor or scientist? Many people bash New York State but we are in much better shape than many states because we have listened to the experts. Are experts always right? No. But neither are we. And Gill-T is right, we are all in this together. Our actions impact others.


    You are so correct!


    Oh well, if we’re lucky and the vaccine for this plague is found to be effective, I’ll see you all next May.


    Tight lines and hopefully, the happiest of holidays to you all!




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    I’ve never seen Lake Erie produce more walleyes than it has this year. Incredible fisheries! Now, if only the perch would return to the numbers of the past....



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  6. Sorry your trip got canceled. A lot of businesses will be forever affected by Covid. I am going to have to call you out, however.  Ohio being placed on a travel restricted state is Ohio’s fault.  Ohio was late to the game on mask mandates and now everybody is paying the price for you and southern states not believing scientists. It’s a Pandemic!  A once in our lifetime event. My brother took his daughter to University of Dayton to start her freshman year. He almost put her back in the car and drove her home as he found there were no RD’s or RA’s in the dorms to oversee the incoming students. Kids were running around with no masks. Univ of Dayton blew up with Covid in the first two weeks with now over 900 cases and of course my niece now has Covid. Wake up brother and start mixing in some real news stations into your tv viewing experience. We are all in this together so when 1/3 of the country is rowing in an opposite direction, we are prone to spin in circles. 

    Hey Gill-t, thanks for the reply. I understand your feelings on the matter but must also disagree a bit with you.

    We’ve been under mask orders for months here, one can’t go into a store without one.

    Our governor implemented a color chart for the counties of the state, red the worst, orange for less affected, yellow for even less then clear. Each color indicated different levels of protection required.

    Frankly, I thought your governor could have done same thing based on a conversation with a friend in Niagara County. Major metro areas red or orange, which basically is the way it is here and the less metro areas likely would have lower ratings as my friend indicated they hadn’t had a lot of cases there.

    Anyway, after Charlie, in one of posts in the south shore reports, suggested I come to Wilson in the spring, I think I’ll follow his recommendation.

    Tight Lines!

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    I’ve looked everywhere on here to figure out how to shut down comments or even delete my post, can anyone tell me how to do that?



    I simply wanted to express regret at not being able to come to NY to spend my money, catch a few fish and escape the issues caused by this plague. It was not meant to be fodder for political discussion nor to provide a forum for those who don’t agree with others about the issues of today.


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  8. Last few years has been great fishing as stated above mid September

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    Thanks for letting me know... I’m convinced! I made my reservations today. Going up the 13th and heading back to Cleveland on the 17th.

    Installed my Fish Hawk today, now to start making my lists! I’m excited!

    Thanks PA223!

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  9. That time of year , you should have staging salmon around the ports and an off shore fishery for juveniles 

    Thanks Vic!

    That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. Based on your thoughts, sounds like to me I want to work the inside instead of going deep.

    I’ve never gone up this late as I usually try to get up there before the end of August so this should be fun!

    Many thanks!

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    I’m trying to make some escape plans and thought you all might share your thoughts.


    Now that Ohio citizens can come to NY, I’m thinking of coming up to Wilson/Olcott in mid September and wondered what I might expect in terms of fishing.


    Many Thanks in advance!




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  11. Ok, I thought I had it all figured out...I like the sound of 19 strand wire and the fact I don’t have to put new tips on the rods...question, what kind of “knot?” Does one use for that?


    Ok, on to the Downriggers...I went to Amazon shopping 40# PowerPro and SpyderWire...there were a lot of folks saying break strength was far less than advertised...anyone have any thoughts on those complaints? 


    Thanks Again!

  12. Thanks everyone for your thoughts...your answers have led me to ask a few more questions...I hope you have time to respond.


    I wondered about the copper...I've never used wire...apparently the 30# Bloodline 7 strand is the preferred wire for dipseys...is that true about the thicker braid being better than a thinner one true re: Fleas?...50# Power Pro?  I recall the last time I was up 30# Fireline was often favored by the Fleas. 


    What knot do you use to tie the fluorocarbon to the wire?  I think methods have changed a lot and I like to think I'm never too old to learn a new (to me) trick!

  13. I'm going to reline my trolling reels this spring...what's your advice as to line for Downriggers and for Dipsey Divers.  I've been using 30# Mono for the Riggers and 30# Fireline on the Dipseys but am thinking I may need to update my thinking.  What to you all recommend for both scenarios?  Thanks in advance for any advice for brands and weights!


  14. 4 minutes ago, ERABBIT said:

    I have them also liked them but we're only good for small spoons , this box would be deeper and you could customize the slits to fit the most spoons....

    I agree ERABBIT but on  my 18 foot Starcraft, the box still takes up too much floor space...I still have the earliest version of the special mate (large floor space taker and awful if you flip it!) so this year I'm going to try the Amish Spoon Packs.

  15. 3 hours ago, ERABBIT said:

    Sweet idea thanks , may use a piece of foam , cut lines for spoon to slide in. 


    I bought some of those spoon boxes with the slits in the foam...I thought they took up too much floor space and frankly weren't adequate for the quantity of spoons I have.  


  16. 1 hour ago, tds840 said:

    The homemade spoon box is a 14 x 11 and 5” deep (8.1 L) case called a “Really Useful Box” which I purchased at Office Max for about $12.00.  They have several different sizes and depths on their website too.  The box on my post will hold any brand (NK, Michigan Stinger, Moonshine, etc.…) 4” or less.  If you want it to hold your Mag spoons, I suggest you buy a deeper case which they do sell.  As for the inside, I went to the orange big-box store and purchased a 4 x 2 sheet of Plaskolite fluorescent light cover for about 15.00. (Some call them an egg crate light cover). Measured the inside of the case I had and then very easily cut the egg crate to size with just a hack-saw blade but a jigsaw may work well too.  Mine after cutting had 18 x 14 holes giving you 252 spaces for spoons.  I cut 6 of these the same size and then just placed a few drops of glue randomly on each tray and stacked them together.  Let the glue dry, toss into your case, and load up all your spoons.  The initial cost was about $27.00 but if you do more than one box, you will not need to purchase another sheet of the plastic light cover because you would probably get another 2-3 cases made from this one sheet.  So the next few boxes would only cost you $12.00, the purchase of the “Really Useful Box” case or whatever case you decide to use.  I will post a picture of the tray material and a better view of the trays completed so you can get a better idea of what they look like.  Good Luck.  I hope you can post a picture of your own if you decide to make one, they are not that hard to do and I’d like to see them. - Tom

    58daf2973fe9c_TrayMaterial.thumb.JPG.295570b915c21d2f45ba94827354bc5c.JPG  58daf2bbc5a13_TrayPic.thumb.JPG.da55e0e972bf5b33db17ffd4fa351cd7.JPG


    Nice job!  Thanks for the instructions!


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