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  1. So I just picked up a Big Jon Mast, my brother has a Lund with a pedestal seat mount but I don't see any adapters to mount the mast to the pedestal. Seems like they stopped making them. I see how others noted above had used spacers and secured the main post thru the pedestal but how do you do that with the welded 4x4 base on the mast post? Did you cut the base plate off? I need to utilize the pedestal mount as he doesn't want to mount it directly to the floor.

  2. I use standard Rage heads, devastating entry hole and damage in the cavity. The only thing I do not like is I have only had only one pass thru where I always had them with fixed heads with my same set up. As a result, by the arrow staying in, the damage is tremendous. I continue to use them.

  3. Went out at 5:30, worked 100-200 fow, 100-150 best. Early bite was good, shutdown for us at 8:30. Riggers were not productive today, worked 50-80' down. FF on wire dipsies worked set at 120 & 180 back with wonderbread and two face. 300 copper pulling Carbon 14 worked too. 3 kings and 1 laker, pulled out at 10:30 going 4 for 7.

    Fleas started showing up on lines today....





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