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  1. My memory no matter what she does going forward was when I took her out for her first season (late season) and we dropped a goose about a 100 yards out, she swam all the way out and brought it right to my feet. She was nine months old. The bird was too heavy for her to lift her head once she got to shore, it was great.

  2. Sorry for your loss, I have a black lab that I trained since she was a pup and duck hunt with, she will be 5. I am not looking forward to that day that every pet owner dreads. You just have to make the best with the time you are given and it clearly looks like you did.


  3. All good points Chris, I enjoyed the book regardless.

    I like everyone else can't wait to get out on the water. I tell you what though, my brother and I took a trip out to Narby's on Saturday morning since we had never been and the whole drive along the lake all we could see was all the damn ice!

  4. We only have the ability to run two riggers so, our typical program is spoons on riggers and flasher/flies on the wire dipsies. After reading I was thinking maybe trying the full flasher/fly program at first light but to me, I know we have moved rods with spoons at that time too.



  5. I got a chance to do some fishing while down in Ft. Lauderdale and had a blast catching a Wahoo, a Mahi, and 2 Blackfin Tuna. What a beautiful morning to fish. It was a cool experience to fish a different style of trolling for some great fighting fish. These were the best eating fish I have ever had. It was a sight to see as my guide was fileting the fish to see a school of Jack Cravels and Tarpon swim below looking for scraps. A nice break from frozen reality back home.






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