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  1. I also have a MinnKota 12v 55lb (Power Drive) and it does everything I can expect from a trolling motor. I use it to counteract the wind to slow my drift or to give me a drift when there is no wind. It spends more days on the water in 20 degree weather than the warm weather for me. It's on my 16 now and spent a few years on my 17 before. I can get a days worth of steady fishing on a charge.

    I guess it all depends on how much you're willing to sink into it ($$$). I'm adding autopilot to mine in the near future because its still cheaper for me than dropping a grand on a new one. I'd love to but just can't justify it right now.

  2. Thanks everyone for the positive responses. After doing several boats I'm sold on doing it this way. If it was a boat I intended to keep for many years it would be fiberglass resin coated ply and nothing else. I fought with treated in the past and the quality of it (4-ply and not surfaced or filled) was far from acceptable. I prefer a high quality 5-7 ply. With the resin (epoxy or polyester) I never have to worry.

    Everyone has their own preferences I guess. Some people hate carpet too but I can't stand not having it.

    The boat is rented out for a week or to (a friend fishing up north), then the outside will get some attention. Already have the paint and printed the stripes and graphics the other night. Can't wait!

  3. Some of your marks might have been bait. Actively feeding fish will 100% travel we'll out on their comfort zone for food. We've had many days out in 450-500 FOW where Steelhead will chase bait all the way to the surface and break out of the water (surface temp well into the upper 70's). We'd flatline spoons and pick up fish maybe in the upper 2-3'.

    I was out last night and had 46* water down 55' but also picked up fish down 35' in 65-70* water which I assume we're chasing bait.

  4. I know with my old 800 series FishHawk I had to swap out the battery connector (flimsy type 9v connector) to a higher quality rigid 9v connector. I think it had something to do with increasing battery life. It really seemed to make a difference.

    Is there a need for this with an older 840 too? It still look like a cheaper type connector. The one on my Depth Raider looks better than it too.


  5. Thinking about trying to hit some walleye in the evening out of Buffalo. What does everybody prefer for a launch? The small boat harbor? I grew up fishing that area but we always had a dock in the river and would just cruise up. My few walleye trips last year were also out of a river launch. I'd just like to drop in later at night much closer to Seneca Shoal and Smoke's Creek.

    Thanks for any advice.

  6. I agree with YM above. I stopped using marine plywood when it was up to $80+ purchased locally. Wasn't impressed with it much anyways.

    I have the most faith in exterior plywood (5-ply or more) with with a fiberglass resin coat on all surfaces.

    The biggest thing to remember is to protect your investment from the elements. None of it holds up well long term to continuous rain, wet, dampness.

  7. I've ripped out enough of the pour-in stuff to never use it again. Extruded (not expanded) Polystyrene never gets waterlogged as it has air bubbles trapped inside and water can't penetrate through it. You'll find it in sheets that are usually Pink or Blue and it cuts really easy if you score it and snap or use a drywall saw.

    Here's Lowe's version in Green (sheet was 2"x2'x8'). If you test a scrap piece in a bucket of water it's hard to believe how well it floats.


  8. I have a handheld that I use on my bigger boat as a backup in the summer and on my little boat as the sole means of VHF communication in the Winter. Mine doesn't require a carrier and operates just as my fixed mount but with 5watts output.

    Many say you can get 5-8mi transmit distance with a 5-6watt radio and roughly 4 times that for reception. The one thing that makes me feel safe is that if something went drastically wrong you can take the handheld overboard with you. Granted you have less range because you'd be at water level but at least it's something.

    Check this link- http://www.boatus.com/husick/c_hheld.asp

  9. Electric Anchor Winches- removed from boat. Have wire leads ready to be hooked to a switch on your dash. Model- Fisherman 25. Have 2 for sale- $65/shipped each. Both have the roller part but the pics only show one.



    Eagle Fishmark 480 fish finder. Unit works great and includes sonar transducer as well as surface speed/temp unit. Includes cover. $85/shipped (screen is fine... Just a strange reflection)



    Quantity of 6 Seasense 4x3/4 Wobble Rollers for trailer. All new/never used and still have tags on them. $35/shipped



    Standard type rod holders (2). Never going to hold a wire rod but maybe nice for bass or early season nearshore trout. $16/shipped for the pair (no lock rings on them so the price is basically to cover shipping).


  10. That valve serves another very important purpose in the fuel system & that would be fire and/or an explosion should a fuel line rupture or leak in the bilge. If there should be a problem, always replace it with a new one.

    Good point for everyone, but I'm still running without. I'm not going to risk putting my boat on the rocks (which almost happened) because I lose power at low rpm's when the stupid ball sticks again while docking. Plus, my new 2' of fuel line only runs upward toward my fuel filter/separator and is held in place with clips every few inches.

    I'm not being an ass, just saying it won't be on my boats.

  11. Ive run a f/f at the ball and a free slider, Trouble is when you pop your line to check it or go in, the lines get all twisted as you bring them in.

    Exactly, and even worse with a fish on the slider.

    I've tried every kind of clip and release and nothing beats the free slider for me personally. When fishing solo the sliders can be a huge help. Even if your hook-up ratio isn't great with the slider they can help you locate fish and maybe change your target area.

  12. How do you like that little Tohatsu? Does it run pretty smooth?

    I really like the little 5hp on there. Being a single cylinder you get a little more thump from it than a twin, but that's something you can't escape from any brand. It feels as smooth or smoother than the 5hp Honda it replaced and isn't as finicky to start.

    I have their 9.8 with electric start and the charge system on my 21 and have had zero issues trolling with it for three seasons now. Super smooth and quiet and idles nice and low with the H/T prop on it.

    If you're in the market definitely check out internetoutboards.com. My last one showed up in two days, no tax, and free shipping. They are good to deal with.

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