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  1. Saturday evening my daughter and I watched a big 6 or 8 pt cruise the edge of a corn.lot off 390 in Rush. He was scrape checking at last light.Its gettin there always gets good right at Halloween and 10 days after that. :)

  2. Yes for sure . I hunt in unit 9P. Found 2 last Saturday hangin a new stand in the pouring rain and lightning. Not tore up yet but pawing around they do this often not just in fall. I am hunting tomorrow all afternoon with the old browning. Got some small game tips the squirrels are just swarming a couple of my stands gonna be warm....get out there and hunt the tree rats a great tune up


    Good luck to all this year!!

  3. Got out a little early so I hooked up the boat and got down there about 3 pm. Fished bass & pike for a while. Got about 8 bass & no pike, Saw Jumpers out in the Lake so I gave it a try. Fished the Creek water 25- 40'. Weeds were bad.  Was out about 20 min & Got a nice male about 20 & lost one more in about an hrs fishing. Glo Green #3  J Plug off the rigger.


     I like my 21' Hardtop but  Got to say, man I love my little boat. I caught so many fish out of it over the years. Can fish Bass & on good days can get out on the lake .  Easy to trailer & good on gas. Have 2 little cannon riggers & cheap Graph , all I need to catch fish.

    With ya on that one!!! Nice trip too!!

  4. No doubt would work dipsey diver even on braid would be good. You need to get much deeper than just flat out the back..50-70 down i would think. At least that depth zone that I always go for in there seems to work. I used to pull braided dipseys out of a little dink 12ft nymph in therein 90fow. Turned them on a 3 setting 175 feet of braid out...lakers will come

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