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  1. Standard procedure for me is launch Mexico on westerly and Pine Grove on easterly. Hug the shore and then peek out. You know the drill. Fish where starting to head in Saturday evening.  If it don't feel right don't go. Just my 2 cents. 
    Keep it tight 
    Any word on Pine Grove launch... enough water for an 18' Lund to scoot out?

    Thanks guys.

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  2. Hi Everyone. Planning to finally get back on the big lake tomorrow after a year long hiatus after selling my Lund Rebel. After a 9 month search I was finally able to replace it with another Lund, an Impact.


    We've got everything ready to go and are just looking for thoughts on where to launch and any thoughts on a starting point fow.


    Really appreciate the help.




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  3. Pair of Big Jon Captain's Pak Downriggers. Pulled these off of a boat I just bought. Like new, see pictures. I also have full wiring set for them so you can just plug and go!
    From Big Jon...
    The Captain’s Pak comes complete with a ball cradle, 2 Multi-Set rod holders, a swivel base, a footage counter, 200 feet of stainless steel cable, a 4 in. x 4 in. mounting plate (with mounting bolts), and line release.
    Sean 315-749-6766
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  4. Hey guys, I've seen so many videos lately of guys targeting browns and steel through the ice in a number of Lake Michigan harbors with good success.


    Are there any east end harbors that make good ice to give it a try? And obviously where it can be done legally? The tactics I've seen are guys setting up near shore, in and around docks, etc.


    A couple potential spots that come to mind as potential sites...Oswego Harbor, The SR Estuary via Pine Grove?


    Thanks for any help.




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  5. I've always had good luck on eBay with my gear. Setup daily reminders for the specific model #s you're looking for and be patient. Usually with some time time you can get a new or open box unit for 20-35% off. Just bought a 7" helix gps g3n unit for $425 this week. Just be ready to pull the trigger quickly when you're item comes up!


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  6. What requirement drove you specifically to a walk-around?  You definitely give up some overhead cuddy space and in general your cockpit will be narrower on a walk-around.
    Great question I was just trying to find a balance between overall functionality and having some decent space to hold gear and possibly spend an overnight or two on the boat. I am definitely open to other ideas in that range if you have any

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  7. So I sold my 17' Lund Rebel about a month ago with the intent of sizing up to a 21-25' walkaround to handle a bit more weather on the big lake.  I've been looking around at a bunch of makes/models and honestly the list is a bit overwhelming.  I'm hoping to get everyone's thoughts on boats you'd recommend and maybe those to stay away from.  My priorities are probably the same as anyone in search of one of these boats; large rear deck for fishing, ample storage in the cuddy, reliability, stability in "weather", towable by a 1/2 ton, etc.  My budget isn't huge at $20-$30k.  A few features that I think would be nice...hardtop, outboard, wash down, lockable cuddy, autopilot.


    I put together a list of Makes/Models that I've seen either for sale or recently sold that meet these basic requirements, in no particular order.


    2310 DV
    2310 DV WA
    2310 WA
    2510 XLD
    2510 XL


    220 COASTAL
    22 WA
    24 WA


    2460 DENALI
    2470 WA
    2150 WA


    Bayliner Trophy
    2052 STRIPER
    2152 WA
    2502 PRO


    24 Fisherman
    24 Express


    Boston Whaler
    255 CONQUEST


    230 WA
    230 SEAHORSE


    23 WA


    Grady White
    228 Seafarer
    232 Gulf Stream


    Some Others…
    SeaSwirl Striper

    Let me know what you think and what I may be missing!







  8. Great advice.  My slide divers are parked at home in my basement, ugh. I have fixed cheaters set and will give them a go this morning.


    Believe it or not had a decent bite yesterday on flasher + meat.  I shaved down some lake O herring strips to make them a bit more streamlined and that got them chasing into the riggers and a couple small Lakers on the deck.


  9. Hi Everyone,


    Our family is staying on 4th lake for the week through labor day. Always done pretty well on LT and LLS. Can't move a rod this year in 5 days. Confidence pretty low at this point.


    I've tried all the usual stuff... spoons, cowbells, plugs even some FF and meat. Have also tried vertical jigging with no results. Screen lit up with smelt just about everywhere in 40+ which could be part of the problem.


    Any help is super appreciated.


    Thank you.




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  10. 2017 Lund Rebel XS 1750 Sport – Black Exterior, Grey Ash Vinyl & Carpet Interior
    VIN #US-LBBEZ520J617
    ShoreLand’r Galvanized Trailer
    Breakaway/Folding Tongue
    Purchased new in 2018.  I am the original owner with title.  Garage kept and serviced by Lund with receipts.  Non-ethanol fuel only.  Family boat so she has seen a mix of family cruises, tubing/skiing, and fishing in the Adirondacks, Finger Lakes and when the weather permits chasing salmon on Lake Ontario. Boat is in fantastic shape, and has been our “baby” for 4 years.  Selling hoping to get another Lund. 
    The beauty of the boat is that in less than an hour it can be completely rigged for fishing or completely clean for family boating.  Everything comes off including all rails and mounts, all without screwing anything into the boat.
    90 HP Mercury Four Stroke Outboard with Mercury Platinum Product Protection – Good through 5/28/2023 and is transferable to new owner
    Minn Kota Powerdrive 55lb 12V Trolling Motor
    Big Jon Dual Planer Mast
    Amish Outfitters Planer Boards
    Cisco Fishing Tracks in 18” & 36”
    Cisco Downrigger Mounts (2)
    Cisco Sport Trac Mounts – 4” (2)
    Cannon Single Axis Rod Holders (4)
    Cannon Dual Axis Rod Holders (2)
    Scotty DepthPower Downriggers 1106 (2)
    Scotty Dual Rocket Launcher Rod Holders (2)
    Amish Trolling Bags Set – 22”
    Humminbird Helix 9 G2N GPS + FF with Mega DI
    FishHawk X4 with Transducer + 2 Probes
    Rod Locker for (5) Rods up to 7’
    Length 17' 6"
    Beam Width: 85"
    Width Stern: 83"
    Chine Width 70.5"
    Weight 1135 lbs
    Fuel Capacity 19 gallon
    Cargo Capacity 1400 lbs
    Seating Capacity 6 Persons
    12 V Power Receptacle
    Cell Phone/MP3 Player Holder
    Custom Dual Consoles w/Walkthrough Windshield
    Full Lighted Instrumentation
    Interior Lighting
    Lockable Glove Box
    Mercury Analog Prerig w/Gauges
    Navigational Lighting
    No-Feedback Steering
    Plug-In Wire Harness
    Vinyl Main Floor/Carpeted Decks
    Aerated Livewell (34" Long/14 Gallon)
    Aluminum Corner Castings
    Boarding Ladder 4 Step Folding Pan Mounted
    Bow & Stern Eyes
    Chrome Cleats (4)
    Integrated Power Strake (IPS) Hull
    Level Flotation Compliance
    Twin Plated Bottom (Bow to Amidship)
    Black Vinyl Cover – a few small holes from trailering/use
    23" Cockpit Depth
    Aft Casting Platform
    Battery Holders (3) + (2) Interstate 12V Marine Batteries
    Bilge Pump (Auto/Manual)
    Bow Casting Platform
    Bow Deck Mounting Pad
    Bow Trolling Motor Harness w/Plug
    Drink Holders
    Dual Trak Gunwale
    Self-Draining Splash Pan
    Transhield Cover
    Ski Pole + Mount
    Seat Bases (5)
    Pedestal Seats (3)
    Jump Seats (2)
    Asking $35,900 completely rigged.  Will also consider selling without fishing outfit as well.  Boat can be viewed immediately, but is not available for delivery until 9/8 due to a previously planned family vacation.  Sea trials for serious buyers with deposit.  I am under zero pressure to sell so no low ball offers please.  Located in Zip Code 13425.  Sean 315-749-6766


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