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  1. Ok I will disagree. I hunt the ADK. No way in hell should we have AR. We work hard to get the Bucks we get. A spike is just as rewarding as a 10. We are hunting remote areas; we drive deer to each other.Stop killing does and 3 bucks a year. Kill 1 buck a year (bow,gun or muzzle loader). Also a shorter season would be good for the ADK. Once the heavy snow starts the deer hit the migratory runways and it's like shooting fish in a barrel. No sport in it if you ask me but that's just my opinion. I am not a trophy Hunter I never had an antler I like eating.

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  2. Find a reef troll spinner and worm and hope for the best if your on the NY side.... Pretty tight lipped on the eyes up there. Dusk is normally best... By no means do we get them every time out but when we do its normally a big one....we throw them back, we got a few over 10lb that we took pictures of to make a Mount

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  3. Fishing was not up to the normal.... We did get some with the fish turning on as the week went on. Manage a bunch over 3lbs. All on worms. I think they are done with the shad, they should turn back to the normal fishing. We all got our limits to bring back and more then enough to eat while we were there

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