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  1. Been fishing between whitby and Pickering...not marking anything and the rare time we do...it's a very small group of bait fish at the very top.....tried fishing in 50fow to 200fow....all times of the day...early morning...late at night....and the fish that I do catch are only tiny little guys. Doesn't seem to matter what lures or bait we use. Can't seem to mark a single thing all year.

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    The fishing is really getting good as they move close at all of the river mouths .Good fishing in morning and sundown fishing  all weekend , Good luck to All !! Gone to catch another Big One or 2. LBT1 


    marking really big hooks just outside of the Oshawa harbor the last few days. Went out on the dinghy couple mornings ago, threw out 2 dipsy's and pulled in a mid 20's. Looked out of place beside all the big boats and can sometimes be a pain to bring the fish in by yourself but still works hah. 

  3. I went out the other day and was skunked for the very first time ever! Few days prior we boated two fish, one around 35 lbs and a monster of 38 lbs. Just barely fit in the net!

    same thing happened with us yesturday, 2 days ago when the weather was iffy, boated 3 nice fish all in the 25-32 range in 80fow then not a single thing yesterday, just outside Whitby

  4. Santana2 ,do you gauge the mph on your fish finder? Lake Ontario has currents down under. Your rigs may not be working right at all. We use a Moore temp probe that has a built in speedo drive. It attaches to the electric downrigger and gives us live data, temps and speed at the ball depth we are set to. This shows us how fast our lures trolling at. The currents down under can stop your rigs from spinning and you end up just floating along, even though the rod tips are bent and locked in. Try running east for about a 1/2 hour or so against the current, lures will Speed Up. Fish On. LBT1

    good tips, going to pick up a fish hawk temp probe today, make sure our lures are around the proper depth..and going to try trolling east and see how that works. 

  5. Tonight we were in 60-70 fow...marking a ton of baitfish and huge hooks....I've never seen so many fish on the screen in my life....lines were down 30-65 feet in 70fow...we used meat.....flies with spin doctors....flashers.l.watermelon spoons....maybe it's just not out luck this year so far. Trolling at 1.8-3....nothing.

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