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  1. Ha ha, this has been a topic forever for the Stinger Spoons, especially on Lake Erie for walleye. The speculation was always that you would just buy more / new spoons, so why make the paint stick better (at least from Stinger's perspective). This is one reason I prefer taped spoons, they tend to hold up better. Maybe with the change in ownership the new spoons from Stinger will have better paint? Time will tell.

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  2. Check out the blood run website. They have info on splicing copper. They recommend replacing copper with a splice, but they also sell line. I have run mine spliced for a couple days, but I only get a few shots a year at salmon, so I end up replacing it pretty quickly. 

  3. A few more easy fuel related issue checks:


    • Make sure spiders / bugs / etc. isn't clogging your tank vent. This can cause a vacuum in your fuel tank which is more noticeable when you try to run (i.e. draw more fuel.)
    • Make sure your fuel line isn't collapsing on itself and restricting flow.
    • Replace your anti-siphon valve. This should be at the tank. Sometimes they get gummed up / clogged.



  4. 2 hours ago, EsoxOnly said:

    Would a jet diver be a good idea for running the chute rod straight down off the stern? I'm not that experienced with them but it seems that they would fit the bill.

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    I used TrueTrips (like a Jet) on Erie. They have a trip mechanism like a dipsy to make the retrieve easier.. The 50 size certainly would get you down pretty deep, but I have never tried them for Salmon.

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