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  1. The bass holes musta buzzed me 5 times! It's been real slow for us when the wind isn't blowing this year on oneida. Got one on a yellow jig at 6 off shack and was off by 8

  2. nybuck50 I am in the same boat! had my heart set on the Lowrance but dont know if that is the way I am going now. I have always had Humminbird and have never had an issue

    Ive always had HB's as well. but was seriously considering a change. I can say the humminbird customer service is actually decednt, compared to what ive heard about lowrance.. Looks like an HB 788ci is at the top of my list now

  3. My name is Jay from Syracuse.  Been fishing Oneida religiously for 20plus years, never had enough boat for the big O. Just bought a new trophy so i'll be out all over eastern ontario very soon.

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